Nux Vomica. Homeopathy. Treatment of mental symptoms

Nux vomica (nux vomica)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Nux vomica
1 - () basically is a person of an exaggerated sensitivity to factors of all kinds, from the outside (atmosphere [see 24], toxic [see 23], sensory, etc..) Or inside (emotionally [see 4], kinesthetic, etc.).. It is hypersensitive to light, to the music (it worse) to noise (sometimes it's really painful sensitivity), the slightest noise, even at the steps or voices to pain at the slightest touch, to smell, worse if they are strong (come to produce unconsciousness or fainting), the smell of snuff, flowers (which can cause dizziness), and naphtha, which also cause dizziness. The hypersensitivity was accentuated after eating and before and during menstruation. It is also emotionally very sensitive: it is sentimental, affectionate and devmostrativo at your affection, and compassion for the sufferings of others. Can not bear (and, worse) the conversation of others.
Also, starts easily (especially noise), to sleep or sleeping. Undoubtedly, this hypersensitivity, direct product of a sharp drop in threshold of excitability of their nervous system, is what ultimately provides the foundation of his irritability (see 2) and aggressive (see 3) and that stimuli that other people go almost unnoticed or without major discomfort, disturbingly intense and are perceived by the patient Nux Vomica.
2 - () It is extremely irritable, angry, angry, violent. Hahnemann said it best: "Nux Vomica is especially useful in people of character ardent temperament irritable, impatient, unwilling to anger, spite or deception." Irritability appears or worsened during the chills, after dinner, with fever, hemorrhoids, for headaches, in liver disorders, before and during menstruation, when you ask questions, before stool, after having pollutions and the wrongs, is often accompanied by anxiety. This irascible easily (and redden your face) when he is forced to respond (or dislikes to answer them incorrectly), if you interrupt (when he speaks or does something) or contradict (not tolerated) or pequneces of tomorrow during the chills when alternated with fever or during menopause, a fit of anger may be followed by jaundice or paralysis. Easily offended, and holds grudges, superficial or deep and ancient. It is argumentative,
fighter (especially if you bother), rude, crabby, moody, stubborn,
stubborn, reject or oppose the wishes of others. You can come to hate or to be harmful and perverse, or conversely, condescending, sweet.
3 - () His aggressiveness, irritability expression of his when it transcends itself and is addressed to those around him, appears when standing outside of himself and loses all control. You can express verbally or physically. In the first case, insulting, cursing, condemning or criticizing, slandering,
reproaching, saying obscenities or being rude, or insolent, or annoying. In physical aggression is manifested by striking or breaking things, and in a significantly higher degree, have desires (sudden or otherwise) to kill for the slightest offense, usually with a knife, their loved ones or her beloved husband, or thrown into the fire to his son. Sometimes, when tired or bored with life, this can become aggressive and go against himself, and suicidal thoughts occur in morning or after midnight, with gas or guns or a knife or throwing from a height or through the window always talk about suicide, but never carried out, because he lacks courage.
4 - () His great tenderness makes easy prey for emocioniales insults, causing disorders, mental or physical by frustrated ambition, for anger, alone or with anxiety, fear or indignation, by anticipation, worries, for business failures ; by disappointments or frustrations from emotion in general, from fright, for punishment, for their honor wounded by indignation, jealousy, for mortification, for being despised, by sexual excesses or mental exertion, for an unrequited love or if admonish him. The sad stories affect much or watch horror movies or scenes look horrible wounds or bleeding, or a penalty is inconsolable. Are easily frightened.
5 - () You have difficulty concentrating, especially when studying, reading or doing calculations, this incapacity for mental work prevents him from carrying out or tired or upset him so much that he dislikes. There are mental confusion, especially after eating, when you load, after an orgy or alcoholic beverages. Has difficulty thinking and understanding when reading or doing mental efforts. Have an aversion to reading, but it has passion for reading medical books. Is forgetful (but if it is an alcohol) of speech, for loss of vital fluids or mental efforts. Often wrong, especially as he spoke the words misplaced or use inappropriate words or omit some or gives wrong answers, has little memory to speak, or speaks as if he were intoxicated or drugged, or hard, or stutters, or monosyllables, post apoplectic aphasia.
Imbecility. Stupor, as if intoxicated, morning or outdoors. In contrast, it is also Nux Vomica heritage of great mental clarity with plenty of ideas, especially at night in bed.
6 - () is hurried, impetuous, impatient when it works, when spoken to, during or fever coryza. It has the feeling that time passes very slowly. You need to be busy, is hard working, industrious, or it has a tendency to sit still, this indolent (worse after a fit of anger), indecisive, shy.
7 - () Fear that appears tomorrow, after noon, the evening (walking) or on waking to death, disease, the horrible dreams, mobs, to what others may think ", to kill when he sees a knife, something to happen, madness, suicide, misfortune or bad luck, poverty (fear of spending for fear of not having money in the future), to have a fit of rage, to do touch, the work (especially literary).
Anxiety: Morning, evening (in bed), after midnight, on waking, because of their occupation or business, flatus, for the future, for the rest, after eating, before menses, anxiety hypochondriac, with mania for reading medical books. Anxiety accompanies: with feelings of guilt or anxious expression or cold sweats (especially frontal), with boredom of life. Restlessness in bed, takes many turns, worse before and during menses. Excitation: at dusk or at night in bed, premenstrual during the chills, shaking.
Anxiety on waking.
8 - () Shun the company, wants to be alone, although the opposite may occur. This desire for solitude is, in part, because it bothers you a lot and adds to the conversation or hear about. Derogatory. Desire to escape. Can not bear to look at him or be touched. It is indifferent to the welfare of others.
Mistrust. Pessimistic.
9 - () It is extremely conscientious, meticulous, detail, especially in small things or little things, sometimes to be annoying.
10 - () One of the main drugs in the dipsomania, accompanied by hypochondria, irritability or forgetfulness, during or after pregnancy. In the intoxication: brutality, insults, jealousy, sadness, desire to commit suicide or hitting, sexual excitement, insomnia. Delirium tremens, hypersensitivity, unconsciousness, or insomnia. Alcoholic dementia.
11 - () Jealousy: among children, among women, a gentle husband becomes brutal and beats his wife, with fights, recriminations and cries, with tears, with sexual excitement or helplessness of animals or objects.
12 - () Sadness: after eating, pollutions, of tomorrow. Sigh, for wounded honor. He regrets or complains about his pain or sleeping or illness. He talks a lot and anxiously about the state of his health. There are weeping at night, asleep, anger, contradiction, for music and pains, worse from consolation. Alegre in the evening in bed, alternating with sadness.
This distressed, but can not mourn. He laughs too. Discontent in the morning.
13 - () Hallucinations and illusions: thought being away from home; see mutilated bodies, see people that makes all sorts of jokes or torment him with questions to answer, see faces or worms crawling.
14 - () Unconsciousness of morning or after eating or odors or during pregnancy or childbirth; answers well to talk, but quickly falls into unconsciousness nueamente.
15 - () Insanity: much work produced by mental, of mortification, in the puerperium; erotica. Nymphomania. Libertinism. Vaga naked. Desire to spit.
Mental symptoms from sexual excesses.
16 - () Clumsiness: from shyness, in gestures, to work on the production of things, it hits objects.
17 - () Ambitious. Cheat. Miser (by anxiety about the future) or wasteful.
18 - () Talk with high-sounding phrases, moving from one topic to another quickly, but by nightfall. Speak sleeping. Children screaming. Grune before menstruation.
19 - () You can read thoughts incoherent. Fixed ideas. Ideas flow at night in bed with insomnia. Worse think. Have premonitions of death.
20 - () A tendency to frown.
21 Trends to binges, binges or orgies. This improved the diversion or occupation.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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