Obesity. Weight loss therapies. Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies

Treatments and Remedies for Obesity. Weight Loss Therapies

Obesity and generalities
Contrary to what some people assume, fat is an abnormal state, that, or is it a disease (obesity) when excessive, or at least a predisposition to disease status. Being fat is not being healthy. This surfeit of fat that accumulate useless by poor function of the body heat in combustion or functional retardation, weakens it affects, fatigue, heart and circulatory difficulties is determining a state of general self-poisoning.

Especially from middle age and more even into old age, obesity, the more pronounced is, is a serious danger. The lean is healthy old age. Moreover, anyone can observe that obese very rarely reach advanced ages, as well as a fact most organic strength and better resistance to infection of the thin than obese.

A principle of obesity must be fought always early, because it is much easier to balance the metabolism slowed in the beginning than when the overload has become too fat and has produced profound changes in the body by the accumulation of large amounts of fat. Not only for aesthetics but for health, should be monitored nutritional status before any surcharges to combat incipient fat.

Obesity and glands of internal secretion

Many cases of obesity are linked to dysfunctions or alterations of certain ductless glands (thyroid, pituitary, testes and ovaries in particular). An overactive or any or any other functional imbalance may lead to thinness, while the hypofunction of these glands usually leads to obesity.

In these cases the key is to regulate the functioning of these glands. Correct functioning of the pituitary gland is not as simple as in the case of the ovaries. For the pituitary the use of homeopathy can be a great help. Another natural remedies or treatments for obesity in these cases of glandular dysfunction are the kelp. The capture of several tablets per day of these algae with a more natural and rational food can slowly overcome obesity or overweight.

One vitamin that has been used for long in the regulation of ovarian function is vitamin E, particularly wheat germ oil. The wheat germ oil can be reduced by a portion of overactive glands on very thin people, but also can combat hypofunction in the case of the obese.

In addition to homeopathy, homotoxicology can be of great help to combat obesity. Prepared as compositum ovary has been very useful in regulating the functions of the ductless glands.

That is fattening because of the climacteric (menopause) confirmed this observation. In other cases it is simply individuals whose diet is defective or excessive, or by excess amount of food they eat or abuse of some of them (especially starchy and fat). Finally, sometimes the root cause is a life too sedentary without exercise.

It is common in women, at the time of the withdrawal of the rule and as a result of hypofunction, about 45 years, launches a fat to be tackled before it is excessive and constitutes a danger.

In older people, and especially if there are symptoms of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, obesity is a serious danger by exposing them to mishaps cerebral circulation (stroke, paralysis, stroke, etc.)..

Diet for obesity
The diets of the obese or have tendency to gain weight should generally be sober and in a vegetarian diet as possible. Be dispensed, especially animal fats, very harmful for many reasons, cheese, pulses, candy, etc.. All starchy foods, bread course, should be kept within moderate bounds. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all, especially beer. The diet should be rich in vegetables, salads and fruits, that is, the more the better raw foods. Among the advantages it gives us adequate food also underline carrot juice, beetroot and celery. Other highly beneficial foods are taken daily horseradish, and nettles tender. Combining good food is a great help to combat obesity. If you eat meat, this will limit the consumption of lean muscle and avoid the fatty parts.

As condiments you can use watercress, horseradish, paprika, curry and yeast extracts as Vitam'R by stimulating the endocrine glands and the burning of food.

Medicine for obesity with nutritional supplements
Chromium regulates blood sugar by removing the "monkey" cutting sweets and carbohydrates. It prevents them from becoming body fat so easily. The use of chromium as GTF.

L-Carnitine Promotes the fat metabolism especially during exercise. Taking 500mg juice of half an hour earlier effort, the fat will be burned for energy. If you want to have more power at the same time be taken with Co-Enzyme Q10.

L-Methionine: Prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver and improves metabolism of the same. That will help to maintain a steady weight decrease, avoiding stagnation typical weight at 2 weeks of starting a weight loss program.

Milk thistle: Improve the capacity of continuous detoxification and supports liver functions.

Pea protein: satiating effect, prevents hunger longer. Protein supplement provides the necessary amino acids but with fewer calories. Avoid flcidez that often accompanies weight loss.

The exercise and other therapies against obesity
If the patient by their habits or their profession makes a too sedentary life, seek to rectify doing everyday exercise (walking, body work, gymnastics, etc.), To turn their organic combustions and promote re superfluous fat beginning to accumulate . Movement and breathing outdoors, both by the sea and in the mountains, are the best to stimulate glandular activity. A workforce plan is absolutely essential in all cases where there is no impossibility to do it. Massages are almost always useful.

Hydrotherapy and obesity
Finally, many times, if the patient's condition permits, will be suitable some forms of hydrotherapy, sobe mostly in the form of baths or showers of some duration followed by instant cold shower, but these resources must be prescribed by the physician on However, in cases of marked obesity, where there may be a danger of mishaps by poor circulation if the heart is greased lake. But in general terms that we sitz baths are useful because they stimulate ovarian function and, therefore, can be very effective against obesity.

Obesity and use of medicinal plants
The use of herbal or medicinal plants purifying type are another great help in all these cases. Infusions of horsetail, sarsaparilla, peppermint, etc.., Use of algae to satiate the need to eat as Agar-Agar, Fucus, etc.. provide another great helps obese.

All cases of obesity, emerging or confirmed, not to yield to the observance of these basic rules about food, exercise, etc.. should be understood that due to root causes and bring under control the doctor forever.

In no way recommend the use of drugs that dissolve greases and are dangerous. Health is more important than a pretty picture.

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