Ocimum sanctum. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS Pathogenesis of Ocimum Sanctum O

1 Child annoying, always crying, not stay in bed, is happy if I get up.

Forgetful 2. Delirium. Drowsy, asleep while talking, prostration.

SPECIAL of Ocimum Sanctum
3 - () Heat on the vertex. Congestion of the head. Headache relieved by cold water applications, outdoor or tightly tying the head.
Forehead wrinkled.

4 Eyes congested, red, sore. Tearing. Photophobia. Mucous secretion in the eyes.

5 - () throbbing earache. Or watery discharge of fetid pus from the ears.
Ear heat Sale. Deafness.

6 - () coryza with frequent sneezing. Cold with white or yellowish mucus. Nasal discharge of fetid pus bloody.

7 Cara red or dark red. Bright red lips.

Sialorrhea 8. Bitter taste or rotten. Mouth ulcers in children. Bright red tongue, or dirty in the middle and red at the tip and edges.

9 Sore throat with painful swallowing and tonsils.

10 Belching. Hiccups. Anorexia.

11 Flatulence, rumbling. Heaviness in the stomach that does not improve bowel movement.
Pain in spleen and liver, in the hypogastrium with noise when pressed.

12 - () Stools profuse, watery, fetid, yellow or clear, with greenish or bloody mucus. Involuntary stools with high fever. Diarrrea in luiviosa or autumn season.

13 involuntary urination in children. Burning and frequency.

Flow 14. Fetid lochia, prolonged. Postpartum hemorrhage.

15 - () aphonia. Pain in the sternum, in the chest, worse when coughing or sneezing.
* leuresia, can not stand still. Asthma in children with wheezing.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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