Definition of Massage Therapy

Definition of Massage Therapy

"A series of actions and movements of the therapist's hands on the patient's body surface. Moves more or less intense, rhythmic and deep, primarily analgesics purposes, relaxants and sedatives.

"The action to remove or reduce pain sensitivity through manual actions on the surface-sensitive Meissner corpuscles-and-deep sensitivity and Paccini Golgi corpuscles.

"Technical manual physiotherapy consistent in implementing a series of movements that ultimately provide an exchange between sender (therapist) and receiver (patient) whose end is the elimination of tensions."

"A transmission and a way to establish a connection or communication without words."

For other schools massage therapy is "a therapist's power transmission (transmitter) the receiver (patient).

Another definition of massage: "The action by moving to repair the complicated machine known as the human body.

We also could define as "essential preparatory technical manipulations and rehabilitation, and corrections osteopathic maneuvers.

*Automatic Translation