Oleander. Homeopathy

(Nerium Oleander Laurel Pink)

1 - () Irascible; has fits of anger, but immediately regrets. Not bear to be contradicted, but has a tendency to contradict.

2 - () Confusion when reading; not find meaning in what they read. Perception slow, can not fix the attention. Domed, obtuse. Little or no memory.
Amused. Worse intellectual efforts.

3 Sad, lack of self confidence. Aversion to work; great indotencia. Poetic imagination concerning the future.

4 - () Great weakness, which hardly allows you to walk, after the diarrhea worse. So weak faints better from sweating. Weakness in great weakness, with trembling knees, lying down, and hands to write. Languor, as if life was over. Tremor after feeding. Paresis, and paralysis; painless or stiffness. Hemiplegia.

5 - () sensation of cramps with broken bones. Convulsive spasms with cold, clammy skin. Vibration sensation, ringing or resonance in the body.
Sensation of distention in the internal parts, and pulses in the Sxternas. Tendency to stretch.

6 - () Worse, at rest, while undressing, by friction or rubbing on clothing, by scratching, outdoors or by air currents, by looking down.
Left sided.

7 - () Vertigo when rising from a lying or looking down to get up or stand, or stares at an object with double or cloudy vision, or in bed, turning around. Headache worse from reading, better looking with crossed eyes, or sideways, better lying down. Irritation at the edge of the scalp, with intense itching, burning (as if I had lice) in the neck, behind the ears at the front edge or across the scalp at night, and above all day, worse cold air and heat, and better from scratching, but then feels raw.
Eruptions on the scalp, in the form of scales, crusts and plates, or desquamation, usually with itching. Dandruff. Eruptions with sticky secretion.

8 - () Sunken eyes, fixed, upturned; opaque. You can not lift the eyelids. Pain in eyes as if he had read a lot. Burning pain face down, on the eyelids during reading. Strabismus. Tearing. Diplopia, looking down, from horizontal objects. Blurred vision when looking sideways. Transient loss of vision. Go blue. Sensation of eye Tugback.

9 - () Earache. Noise and singing in the ears. Eruptions on ears and especially behind (wet, eczema, herpes); ulcerations.

10 Pressures on the nose. Itching perinasal.

11 - () pale face (or alternating with deep red). Pressure on the bones of the face, worse in the malar. Heat on the cheeks during the chills, no redness. Brown and dry lips, swelling around the corners. Swollen upper lip and asleep. The jaw trembles when yawning. Stiffness in the muscles of the jaw. Itchy rashes on the face; wet.

Toothache chewing or 12 at night in bed, which went on rising.
Feeling of loose teeth. Bluish white gums. Dry mouth. Tongue white, with raised papillae, or raw red patches. He can not talk.

13 Burning pain in the throat, or pressing on the left side. Sore neck muscles to the pressure. Sensation of cold wind blowing on the left side of the neck.

14 - () Bulimia (come in a hurry), with diarrhea, or anorexia. Thirst for cold drinks, or no thirst. Nausea with sialorrhea. Vomiting food or greenish yellow, followed by bulimia, thirst, and great weakness. Sensation of emptiness and lassitude
stomach after eating (not by eating), with desire of cognac, which makes it better, with fullness in the abdomen. Pulsation in epigastrium.

15 stomach pains, stitches in the navel. Sensation of weakness and emptiness in the intestines after stool. Rumbling with bloating and excessive flatus elimination of putrid odor or sulfur, but during the eiarrea or when bowel movements.

16 - () Ineffectual stool. Loose stools, yellowish jet, copious, or the first soft and then hard, expelled with difficulty (in pregnancy). Stool undigested food remains undigested with 2 or 3 days before. Evacuation involuntary leave thinking that only flatus. Lienteric chronic diarrhea, worse tomorrow. Stools involuntary whenever the child removes gases, soil their diapers, especially in infants or children who lose weight while eating or much and greedily suck. Anal burning, especially before and after stool. Summer Diarrhea. It gets dirty urine and involuntary simultaneously. Putrid-smelling stools or acid.

17 Polyuria, worse coffee. Brown urine, burning with white sediment.

18 Short, violent shakes it for laryngeal tickling. Tracheal mucus adherent. Chest tightness, lying. Sensation of emptiness in the chest, or cold. Sharp pains in the sternum and left side of the chest, worse when breathing deeply. Stitches in the diaphragm.

19 - () Drawing chest, worse when stooping. Violent palpitation with anxiety, and with the feeling that the chest expands. Very changeable and irregular pulse, weak and slow tomorrow, full and fast at sunset.

20 Tearing in the cervical region at dusk. Violent throbbing carotids. Back pain and strain.

21 - () Numbness; tendency to stretch the limbs. Pains in arms, hands and fingers, as from a blow, when lifting something heavy. Swollen veins in his hands. Fingers swollen and stiff with burning pain. Thumb stuck in the palm. Pain in the buttocks. Great weakness in the legs, especially in the knees, as if asleep. Painless paralysis in lower limbs, legs and feet. Sense of vibration and resonance in legs and feet (but in plants). Cramps in legs and feet in the calves when sitting. Constant cold in the extremities, feet, hands.

Frequent yawning 22. You wake up tomorrow with much difficulty, can be lifted only with great effort. Insomnia and agitation at night. Erotic dreams pollutions.

23 Chills and shivering all over, periodically, with heat and cold face in his hands. Periodic waves of heat, physical or mental effort. Chills external with internal heat, without thirst.
Cold sweats and clammy.

24 - () Violent itching, worse undressing, sometimes erratic, which compels scratching until the skin is raw, burned skin after scratching. Crusty eruptions, scaly, eczema, scaly, moist after scratching, itchy, painless, herpetic; impetigo. Dry, chapped, no sweat.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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