Oleum animale. Homeopathy

(Oleum Cornu Cervi [oil distillate Deer Horn] Olive Dippel)
M Sad, silent and pensive, distracted, absent. Indolent, prone to sitting. Moodiness. Fainting.
2 - () The pains, especially the direction or sense of themselves is very characteristic, they are punctures, twitching or painful pressure going back and forth or up and down, as if tugged upward. Burning pains, or cramps.
3 - () The symptoms occur or worsen: for lunch, hot drinks in a warm room, by motion, mental exertion, due to noise, in the afternoon, at 14 hours (or 14 to 21), before, during and alcomienzo of menses. Better: by belching, by friction, outdoors, by stretching, by pressure, by changing position.
4 sides left.
Desire and aversion OF OLEUM ANIMALE
Desire 5-boiled eggs, soft, bread, potatoes. Aversion to meat.
6 - () Vertigo on stooping or outdoors. Head asleep on the left side.
Pressure on vertex. Or frontal headache over eyes, from the least intellectual effort. Pressure occipital forward after eating.
Congestion heat and Latinos in the head. Hemicrania with throbbing, worse on movement, strain and after eating, better by friction. Left occipital pain. Feeling that the blood mounts to the occipital region.
Itching of scalp burning vesicles.
7 feeling of having sand in your eyes, pruritus, better rub. Drawing on the eyes. Burning pain on waking, or outdoor light
artificial dusk. Tearing when eating. Snappers stick at night.
Shocks in the left upper eyelid. Vision confused later when writing the evening. Myopia. He sees black clouds. The light disappears for a moment.
Earache 8 stabbing, tearing, terebrantes. Ringing, singing and ringing in the ears, worse noise.
9 Itching and burning at the tip of the nose. Sensation of excoriation in the nose. Granites burning in the septum. Pain at the root of the nose
indoors, with sensation of obstruction; to leave, head steady trickle of relief. Sneezing with pop sensation and soreness in the chest. Coryza with thick mucus. Nose dry.
10 - () pale, chalky. Facial neuralgia with polyuria and urinary frequency.
Burning pain in the cheeks feel as if tugged sharply upward cheek bones. Cheeks red, even with cold skin. Sensation of paralysis on the right half of the face, with drawing to the left.
Vesicles and itchy pimples on the cheeks. Sensation of dry egg white on the lips. Chapped lips, itchy, with shaking in the morning when you sleep. Cramps in the jaw, barely let you open your mouth. Cracking in the left maxillary temporomandibular joint every time he opens his mouth ba.
11 - () dental neuralgia, worse after eating, the better for squeezing tightly to each other and the teeth by friction, with spasms of the lips or cheeks. Toothache as coming from the ear, with throbbing sensation of cold and out of the tooth.
12 Dry mouth upon awakening in the morning. Or fatty acid taste. Sialorrhea. He bites the inside of the cheek when eating. Burning in the tongue, as if there were burnt.
13 Pain and burning in throat, worse when swallowing. Constriction, choking.
Throat, with sensation of cold air that penetrates, need to swallow constantly. Swallowed hard. Hoarseness with sticky mucus, after dinner.
14 - () Anorexia. Stomach cramps, hiccups after eating, belching better. Eructations taste to food or urine. Nausea with sudden desire to vomit after eating and worse as better burping. It has the feeling that it turns my stomach. Feel icy cold or blazing heat in the stomach (which goes up to chest). Feeling of having your stomach filled with water.
Gastralgias, sometimes after drinking cold water, with great sensitivity to external pressure.
15 Pressure painful liver and spleen, with each breath. Painful distention and fullness in the stomach, worse slightest movement. Circumscribed cramps, stitches in the umbilical region, worse after eating or drinking hot things. Drawing on English, spread to the testicles.
Flatulence with gurgling or rumbling. Frequently fetid flatus.
16 constipation and hard stools scanty, though hard-driven natural. Diarrhea with cutting pain before, during and after stool. Burning pain in anus and rectum after stool.
17 Wish frequent and urgent urination with urgency and oliguria, weak stream. Pressure on the bladder. Pale urine, with sediment clouds, green, turbid with sediment as chalk. Burning with urination. Itching in the urethra.
18 - () neuralgic pain in the testicle or spermatic cord, with the feeling that very net the testicle is pulled up, worse on the right.
Testicles swollen and retracted, with tenderness. Punctures burning in the root of the penis. Pressure on the prostate. Erections and nocturnal emissions.
19 - () Menses early, scanty, black, with pain as the uterus and vagina were pulled upward. Aqueous flow.
20 - () Hoarseness with inability to speak loudly. Dry cough from tickling and scraping in the larynx. Cramp in the trachea at night. Dyspnea lying on his back, going off on changing position; oppression when climbing stairs or a hill. Rush of blood in the chest, with heat and burning sensation rising from the abdomen. Stitches in the upper chest near the sternum, as from a red-hot needle. Violent stitches in the right armpit, in the clavicles, behind the left breast, which goes back later when this stop, and rubbing improvement. Intercostal neuralgia back and forth.
Simultaneous punctures on the right side of the chest and middle fingers.
Pressive 21 chest pain or a bruise or as if you squeeze the heart.
22 Stiffness and painful tension in the neck muscles, but to the right, worse when touched. Cracking in the cervical spine to lift his head. Sensation of hot air that rises to the neck. Stitches in the false ribs near the spine and below the left shoulder blade. Pressure on the back, back and forth. Pressure and violent throbbing in the sacrum. Back pain when bending or sitting.
23 Difficulty in movement of the left limbs. Stiffness and paralytic weakness in the limbs, worse on walking with an unsteady gait.
Tension, but in the thighs, as if the tendons were too short. Fingering asleep. Tingling in the fingers and at one point on the sole. Pain in right thumb, tearing at the toe, near one, as if ulcerated. Cramps in toes, stinging in the plants. Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet.
24 Sleepiness during the day, especially after lunch, he yawns and stretches. He wakes early and late in the morning, sleep late at night. Very light sleep, disturbed by the slightest noise.
25 Chills, with heat elsewhere, or alternating with heat. Cold after walking outdoors. Chills the vertex on chest or back up by entering a warm room or inside the house or near a stove. Transient fever, with sweat on head, chest and hands, but at rest. Sweats eating.
26 violent and generalized itching, sometimes burning. Vesicles as scabies. Excoriation in the joint creases.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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