Oleum jecoris asellis. Homeopathy

(Cod Liver Oil)
1 It feels terrible, as if outside, irritable.
2 - () Soreness around the body or in parts.
3 - () Worse from touch, from riding in a vehicle, by a fall, by motion, raising his arms, stooping, walking, air currents, exposure to cold, living in wet and cold.
4 - () Children and young sub-fever, thin and weak, with nocturnal dry cough (with negative auscultation), night sweats, chest and touch on percussion, and his head and the palms of the hands warm.
Malnutrition, anemia, weakness and weight loss, lack of vital heat.
Children who can not drink milk. Atrophy in children; thinning.
5 - () Color Yellow: sputum, mucus in the throat, flow, language, etc..
6 crawling or something creeping throughout the body, with an orgasm of blood to the heart.
7 - () Dizziness. Or frontal headache over her right eyebrow, from one temple to the other (left to right), the occiput to the forehead. Headache as if his head exploded after coughing.
8 Ojos swollen. Heaviness of the eyes, eyelids heavy, almost can not lift. Tearing walking outdoors, worse in left. Pain in the right eye. Blindness during chill. Everything became black.
9 Deafness of left ear. Abscess in the right ear. Foul-smelling discharge from the ears.
10 Dry coryza, with sneezing and coughing. Secretion coryza and hoarseness.
Chronic nasal catarrh; ozena. Epistaxis during sleep, with amenorrhea.
1 - () Red face. Growth of hair on the face of the child, or short, thick hair on the chin and upper lip of a woman.
12 Foul breath or putrid. Tongue yellow. Feeling parched mouth.
13 - () Sore throat after booting yellow phlegm, chronic pharyngitis. Hypertrophy of the thyroid.
14 - () voracious appetite, or anorexia (in rickety children). You can not drink milk.
Constant thirst, before and during the chills. Nausea. Vomiting bile acids or chills during or upon completion. Burning and weight in the stomach.
15 - () Aching and heaviness in the liver, worse exercise, as if he had an abscess, the pressure. Pains in the splenic region, worse when breathing and coughing, pain in the shoulder blade (the end of the chills).
Mesenteric adenopathy.
16 Diarrhea at night and early morning, with chills. Constipation.
17 - () Soreness in the kidney region. Urethral mucosa, burning, every morning when defecating. Urine with brick-dust sediment.
Incontinence of urine. Frequency.
18 - () Hypermenorrhea. Pain in both ovaries. Dysmenorrhea. Yellow discharge.
19 - () Violent cough in fits all night or day and night, retching or stitches, with palpitation; caused or aggravated by air currents, or by exposure to cold or wet bed at night (prevents sleep), better the occurrence of fever, weakness and weight loss. Coughing up yellow or greenish yellow, salt, white and thick; mucosanguinolenta. Shortness of breath, with palpitation. Asthma. Chest pains all the worse by coughing and breathing deeply. Dolores excoriating stitches in his left thorax, spread to the back or between the shoulder blades, worse by motion. Burning pains in the chest points, with heat. Pains in the upper or lower thorax. Pneumonia in both upper lung lobes.
Pulmonary tuberculosis.
20 - () Palpitations concomitant with many symptoms, especially cough and dyspnea. Stitch sharp chest. Pulse fast and soft.
21 - Back aching spine tender. Feelings of restlessness or small shocks, like a clock, which rises from the sacrum to the neck, as that will access the entire trunk, and prevent him from moving his hands and feet. Weakness and pain in the sacrum, better by pressure. Sacral iliac pain, worse walking.
22 - () Aching in elbows and knees with limitation in movements of flexion and extension, by aggravation of pain. Rheumatic pains in the shoulders, in the left humerus. Heat in the palms. Dry and chapped hands. Abscess in the left buttock. Coxalgia. Sciatica with atrophy of the affected limb. White swelling of the knee. Rheumatic pain in left foot. Soreness in both feet, which are constantly cold.
Fistulas and abscesses periarticular; in the knee. Rheumatism muscle contractures.
23 Insomnia after 3 am. Sounds that sees objects in the room.
24 - () This always crumpled, feels like taking cold or cooled continuously. The chills down from the neck to the back and around the abdomen, worse at night or at 3 in the morning or at bedtime, accompanied by pains umbilical jerky, sometimes with vomiting and diarrhea. They are followed by fever with hot, red face, and heat waves going into the belly, palms and even the tips of the toes. Following are abundant sweats every night, especially head, neck and arms or only in the lower limbs. The smell of sweat can take cod liver oil. Cold sweats all day. A tertian malaria.
25 red skin all night, in bed, better tomorrow. Eruption of small red spots. Papular eruptions, blisters, herpetic. Ulcers with purulent secretion. Cold abscesses. Lupus. Ichthyosis.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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