Oniscus. Ononis. Homeopathy

(Oniscus Aseflus Armadillo officinalis One type of centipede)
P Heaviness cephalic. Pressure pain over the eyebrows and nose bridge, first left, then right.
2 - () terebrante retroauricular pain and right mastoid, with violent arterial pulsations.
3 Face pale, wild expression.
Toothache 4. Pressure on the soft palate, as if it were to close.
5 constriction in the throat. Hawks mucus and tears streaked with blood.
6 Nausea, with continued pressure on the cardia. Continuous vomiting.
7 - () Meteorism violent abdominal cramps and tension in the belly.
8 - () Urgent and sudden need to defecate, with unformed stool. Rectal and bladder tenesmus jerky, hot and inefficient. Burning pain in anus.
9 Cutting in the urethra, with excessive anxiety.
10 Common erections with aversion to work.
11 Asma, bronchial catarrh. Hemoptysis.
Frequent yawning 12; tendency to stretch.