Onosmodium. Homeopathy

(Onosmodium virginianum)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Onosmodium

1 - () Fear that something terrible will happen, and feeling that can not do anything about it. Afraid to look down when going up or down stairs, for fear of falling, or may fall into a fire when walking near the, and, despite their will, also passing by the fire.

Slowness and cerebral obtundation 2. You need to think and think until you forget everything, and also where it is. Write too fast and not related to their thoughts, which omits the words and letters, can not concentrate.
Forget what you are reading, and drops the book buried in vague thoughts and indifferent. Forget what is yet to say what you just did or what is done. Indifferent and apathetic, indecisive in his actions. He speaks in an incoherent, disconnected. Irritable. Can not concentrate or focus their thoughts either in sight or in coordinating the movement of your muscles or to judge the height of the obstacles when walking. Hallucinations: People see very well dressed.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Onosmodium
3 - () Your symptoms get worse or appear: on the motion, shaking, tight clothes and on waking. Better: lying on his back, by undressing, cold drinks and eating.

4 - Weak morning with stiffness and soreness. Feel insecure in their muscles. You feel shaky and incapable, physically and mentally, to perform any task. Malaise. Feelings of fullness and lightness. Muscular prostration, drowsiness. Left sided.

SPECIFIC Onosmodium
5 - () frontal pain, especially over the left eye in the left temple and in the root of the nose, and that spreads to the neck, unbearable, worse in the dark and lying. Painful heaviness in the left side of the head, forcing him to lie down to sleep better, but reappears on waking. Occipito frontal pain in the morning on waking, with dizziness.
Heaviness and fullness in head, eating or sleeping better. The headaches are usually caused Onosmodium in excessive eye strain.
"Onosmodium probably cured more cases of headache associated with visual exhaustion that no other medication" (Clarke).

6 - () depletion or fatiaa eye, especially in presbyopia and asthenopia, with pain in his eyes, which seem heavy and rigid, but without redness, worse in reading, especially small print, with headache (see 5). Sensation in eyes as if he had not slept; of tension. You need to have wide eyes as if to look at distant objects, which is very large. It is unpleasant to look at close objects, you need to zoom out to see them clearly.
Feeling tired in the eye muscles. Hyperemia of the optic discs, retinal vessels engorged, worse in the left eye. Pain in and over the left eye, and on top of that orbit. Eyelids heavy. Vision blurred. Color blindness red and green.

7 Pain mastoid. Fullness in the ears. Hearing loss. Sounds like songs.

8 Nose dry, as if he had taken cold. Pain in nasal bones.
Much sneezing on waking in the morning. Worse on the left side of the nose.

9 Face to red or warm from the slightest movement or excitement, with sensation of fullness. Pain in the right malar bone, with numbness.
Dry lips.

Dry mouth or 10 with little saliva, the better for cold water. Sticky mouth, bitter.

11 - () Download white from nose to throat, with hoarseness. Throat dry, sore, worse on the left side and swallowing or speaking; constriction on swallowing. All symptoms of the throat by eating or drinking cold.

12 Thirst for cold drinks or icy, and often, or aversion to water. Hungry after a nap. Belching after eating. Morning sickness.

13 Belly distended with rumbling and pains, better loosen clothing.
Colicos below the navel and the hypogastric, pain and discomfort like to have diarrhea, better bending forward or lying on your back or undressing.

14 Diarrhea urgent, driving out of bed in the morning, with bloody stools, stringy, shiny, with tenesmus.

15 Burning urethral itching. Pain in the prostatic urethra before and during urination. Frequent urination. Urine scanty, dark, balsamic odor.

16 - () Sexual weakness. Constant sexual excitement, followed by a decrease or loss of sexual desire, with very weak erections and ejaculate too fast. Psychic impotence. Penis cold, especially the glans. Nocturnal emissions. Absence of orgasm.

17 - () Complete absence of sexual desire in women, sexual desire is destroyed there is no orgasm, aversion to intercourse. Vulvar itching, worse from scratching and flow. Constant feeling that menstruation is coming.
Menses too early and prolonged. Pain in ovaries, sharp or throbbing, which passes from one ovary to another, worse pressure. Uterine cramping. Uterine pains, sometimes bearing down or pain, worse from pressure and clothes, better lying on his back and undress.
Flow yellowish, foul, excoriating and abundant, which falls into the legs.

18 laryngeal cough better taking cold drinks, with sticky white expectoration. Chest pain. Sharp pain in breasts, but on the left, especially below, or as if she had been beaten, worse with pressure.
Breasts feel swollen, engorged and sore, itchy nipples.

19 chest pain, with fear of death, in the vertex. Chest tightness.
Sensation as if heart would stop. Pulse rapid, full and strong and weak or irregular, or slow. Every third or fourth beat, the diastolic is so long that looks like a blink.

20 Dolores, in neck, at one point left shoulder blade, in the left iliac crest, in the lumbar region in the morning on waking, better at noon. Feeling tired in the lower back.

21 - () fatigue and numbness in arms and hands shaking. Pain in biceps, elbows and wrists. Numbness of the left forearm. You can not coordinate movements, which prevents him from using his hands to write or eat. Pains in the joints of the fingers. The gait is hesitant, feeling of insecurity by taking the steps, of hesitation, the sidewalk seems too high, and the step too high. Great fatigue or tiredness and numbness in the legs, knees and behind the knees, but the left, worst in the evening when walking, with instability. Legs shaking.
Numbness or tingling in legs and feet, worse on the left. Pain in left hip, knees and tendons around. Edema of the ankles. Pain with tingling and numbness on the outside of the toes of the feet guys. Tabes.

22 Insomnia. Interrupted and restless sleep, waking early Chills 23. Flushing. No sweating in very hot weather.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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