Opuntia. Homeopathy

(O. vulgaris or Alba Spina. Cactus Opuntia. Nopal or Tunal, prickly pear)
1 - () Aberrations of the mind that is not very conscious. Blasphemous or alternating prayers with oaths, or occupations with the need to pray. Fits of rage when his plans are thwarted. Vengeful, irritable, touchy, bad-tempered.
2 Skip or transposing letters when writing.
3 General fatigue, or prostration, physically and especially mentally.
Numbness, tension. Frio. Aversion to movement and intellectual effort.
4 Pain sharp or pinching.
5 Feeling of tension in the brain, or as if the head is pierced by a spear.
6 Pain in the right eye. Burning at the edge of the eyelids, with sensation of contractions.
7 Blood from the left side when pinched nose, with watery mucus.
Face pale.
8 He bites his left cheek while chewing. Sensitive teeth. Sialorrhea.
Sale 9 much mucus in the throat. Sore throat after noon; punctures. Shivering in swallowing.
10 - () Poor appetite at breakfast or lunch. Nausea that extend from the stomach, down into the bowels, with the feeling that going to have diarrhea. Nausea heavily, gastralgias and stomach cramps. Antonia and gastrointestinal ptosis.
11 - () bulging belly. Pain through the spleen and heart. Sensation as if the contents of the intestines in hypogastrium very acrid and excoriating outside, but in the midline. Sensation as if intestines had settled in the lower abdomen. Hepatic congestion and hypertrophy of liver sensitivity to touch, subictericia, thirst and taste bitter feeling of string around the waist.
Urgent desire for stool 12, with loose stools but difficult, or soft and easy at first and then hard, strong odor of drugs. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Hemorrhoids come from the strain of defecation.
13 Polyuria, with or without frequency; it difficult to wait. Hematuria.
14 Twitching pain in the right testicle. Priapism with intense desires. Atrophic appearance of the genitals. Pollutions.
15 heavy breathing. Tightness in the chest. Shivering and chills in the chest. Punctures precordial.
16 Pain in the neck muscles, first left, then right, from below the ears, come and go.
17 Pain in the proximal epiphysis of left first and second metacarpals. Pain under left elbow. The lower limbs are asleep and with stitches after kneeling. Pain in the muscles of the inner side of the left leg at the head of the fibula, in the little finger of his left foot.
Sounds with 18 women.
Hot 19 around the body, with chills, worse in a cold room.
Cold feet.
20 pimples that bleed easily, neck and behind his left ear.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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