Or Kanten Agar-Agar. Properties

AGAR-AGAR or Kanten
Mucilaginous substance extracted from the membranes of red algae of the genus warm seas "Geldium", "Gracillaria", "Eucheuma", "Parphyra lacinata" etc..

Fibrous food is an authentic as its main component are the galactomannans, which although belonging to the family of carbohydrates are not digestible and assimilated, but have high water holding capacity by preventing food waste to harden, so exercising an intestinal regulatory action in cases of constipation. For its laxative properties and low calories is recommended in the making of arrangements or diet to lose weight.

The Kanten Agar-Agar or can be consumed raw, once soaked in water and salad components. Cooked is used in making jellies and desserts.

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