Organic foods. Benefits and reasons for their consumption.

What is organic food?
The so-called biological or ecological products from agriculture and livestock farming. Organic farming is born with the aim of cultivating high quality nutritional products based on traditional techniques that are environmentally friendly and conserve soil fertility without using chemicals or synthetic.

Establishing organic livestock from animals of indigenous breeds in the country, controlled from their origin to milk base to eight months and with foods that do not use fat or bone meal or additives of any kind to process growth or fattening.

All organic products go through strict food safety controls by regional and European authorities, and incorporate a quality seal that certifies the authenticity of their origin.

Why eat organic food?
1 .- Organic farming is based on the ancient wisdom of the land to work with to produce high purity and quality.

2 .- The methods of production, processing and packaging of a product guarantee maximum freshness and flavor.

3 .- The absence of chemical residues help maintain the health of our body. We help you get better.

4 .- The non-biological organic food or more expensive for the family economy, its nutrient content is higher, consuming less amount.

5 .- Its high nutritive value makes these foods that are a genuine medicine.

6 .- Tastes better than conventional foods.

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