Origanum. Homeopathy

(O. Majorana. Fragrant Marjoram)
1 - () Serious, quiet, sad, unhappy or desperate and tired of life, or irritable, restless, with great anxiety. Sadness throughout the day, followed by excessive joy, with thoughts of marriage and wishes of active exercise, that drive to run, can not be quiet, or walking fast.
Lewdness; erotic fantasies; libertinism; nymphomania, especially young people.
Obscenity. Erotomania suicidal. Sexual obsession.
2 Major physical prostration.
3 Down: in the evening when lying down, and night.
4 Vertigo at bedtime in the evening. Pain in temples. Heat in the head, to rise, makes involuntarily move or turn his head from side to side.
Nosebleed 5. Crawling and constriction at the tip of the nose.
6 Anorexia. Excessive thirst at night. Hiccups.
7 Violent pain in the belly of the night awake.
8 Frequent desire to urinate, worse at night.
9 - () wet dreams. Masturbation in boys.
10 - () increased sexual desire in women, or violent, worse during menstruation or widows, and that lead to masturbate and almost no day passes without doing so, or whenever you see a nice man, almost idiot masturbate. You like voluptuous sensations during intercourse. Erotomania, nymphomania (see l), especially in highly mannered young, can get very grumpy and think they are lost or are dismissed. Flow with vulvar irritation. Sterility. Vaginal flatus.
11 - () Breast pain and swelling and itching of the nipples frequently occurring.
12 Pain between the shoulder blades.
13 Cramps: on the ground right in the left leg on the fingers and shoulders. Rheumatic pains in his right foot repeatedly.
Pain in the toes.
14 It wakes frightened, trembling. Very vivid dreams, erotic or exciting.
15 pale red spots (legs, thighs and stomach). Painful red bumps on the outside of the legs.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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