Osmium. Homeopathy

(Symptoms of the element osmium and osmic acid)
1 Moody, irritable, impatient. Cry, cry or cough.
2 weakness of mind, this aware of it, is wrong to locate words. Aversion to work.
3 Think of other accidents, and came to think that they could do the same damage.
4 - () smells different: urine smells of violets; Horseradish smell belching; axillary sweat smells like garlic.
5 - () The symptoms take a downward direction.
6 - () Worse from touch; traveling in a vehicle, for cough or speak, in evening; outdoors (except the burning of the eyes). Left sided. 7 Great weakness with malaise. Restlessness.
Desire and aversion of OSMIUM
8 Aversion to coffee and snuff, and his smell, to cocoa.
9 - () Violent headache above and below the eyes, a hand extended to the ears, with tearing, or in the front right, or center of the forehead, extending through the head back, better pressing hard the forehead or base of the brain and jaws at night. Headache on vertex and occiput, worse bringing the head back, to the fullest. Hair loss.
10 - () Eyelid spasmodically closed, with pain in the bones of the orbit. Burning eyes, better outdoors, with profuse tearing. Vision cloudy or weak, as in a fog. The letters come together. Eyes red and swollen. All items are surrounded by a halo of color. The lights are surrounded by a halo of various colors, iridescent ring or a circle or a yellow or bluish-green, a distance, the light seems enveloped in smoke or dust. Acute glaucoma, subacute or chronic, with sharply increased ocular tension, photophobia and colored halos around light bulbs.
Retinal blood vessels tortuous.
Hey 11 timbres in the right ear. Earache evening, first right, then left, blowing worse. Intense pain in the mastoid dzquierda. Auditory meatus red. Itching in the ears. Timpano red perforated.
Hearing loss.
12 Sensation of rush of blood coming down from the head to the nose. Coryza with sneezing, burning and irritation in the mucosa and secretion, which also falls backward. Hypo osmium. Adenoids.
13 - () Toothache twitching Rusty best tooth with her tongue. Pain in the masseter. Boca pasty, sticky. Saburrral tongue, fissured, rough-edged, painful, red stripe in the center. Language touch when eating or drinking. Sialorrhea. Taste dull, metallic; blood.
14 - () Pain and heaviness in the epigastrium, as if he had eaten rocks.
Stomach distended. Horseradish smelling eructation. Nausea, worse tomorrow, or coughing or after eating or traveling outdoors with pain better burping.
Paroxysmal vomiting watery, with mucus blackish gray, yellow.
15 - () Stomach distended and sensitive, with many rumbling. Pain in the English, spread to the testicles when you cough. Weakness in English to the spermatic cord. Pressure in the inguinal rings.
16 - () Diarrhea preceded or followed by colic, and almost always with black blood. Diarrhea cafe. Anal bilious stools with burning during and after stool. Constipation, fecal first hard and then soft, orange. Urgent desire to defecate, but only leave some flatus or mucus.
17 - () Oliguria or anuria. Albuminurica acute nephritis, subacute or chronic.
Urine albumin, smelling of violets, black or dark brown, bright red sediment.
18 - () Violent pain in the tip of the penis and foreskin. Stitches in the left side of the glans. Pain in the testicles, but in the right, in the spermatic cord in the left more. Intense erections at night and waking in the morning, long, with few desires. Cumshot very long during intercourse is not orgasm or desire; semen increased.
19 - () Laryngo tracheitis acute, painful irritation and burning of the larynx and trachea, with dry, hard cough that shakes the whole body. Hoarseness, worse singing or entering the house, with laryngeal pain. Paroxysmal spasmodic cough, hollow or resonant, or worse until midnight tomorrow, for laryngeal tickling, short and dry, pounding, followed by pain in the larynx and trachea extended to the center of the sternum, worse moving outdoor best by a deep breath . Copious mucus secretion in the airways, causing coughing and gagging, sneezing become loose and sometimes must swallow. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Chronic dyspnea. Stitches in the left lower ribs. Sternum painful to touch. Oppression with fear to breathe through the pain it causes. Palpitations. Tachycardia.
20 pain on the back. Sacral pain. Pain from the scapula to the sacrum, worse on movement and coughing.
21 heaviness and tiredness in the limbs, worse on the knees. Axillary sweat odor of garlic. Dolores on the shoulder and forearm bones, left in the humerus, elbow, wrist, fingers to the tips. Unbearable fullness and restlessness in the legs and feet, legs almost numb. Sudden pain in the hip joint, as if dislocated, and that prevents him from walking. Pain in the buttocks, leg and left heel, and ankle and right foot.
22 Insomnia or drowsiness. Restless sleep; heavy pesadilias interrupted. Dreams: he does not remember, or fire.
23 Chills in the back. Fever with hot, dry skin with dyspnea.
Night sweats.
24 Itching as from crawling insects. Rash, reddish brown papules, vesicles and itching pointed surrounded by a red areola, herpes, eczema, eruptions, moist, very itchy, cracked skin, red.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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