Osteopathy: Acute and Chronic Injury

The osteopathic lesion. Part 3

In this part we will:
Acute and Chronic Injury
Primary Lesion
Lesion in flexion or extension

Besides the above, we must distinguish whether the injury is acute or chronic.

Symptoms to the acute injury:
- A sudden appearance.
- A severe and acute pain.
- Increasing the temperature in the affected area and congestion in the synovium.
- Spasm accompanied by edema.
- Pain transmitted by nerves.

Chronic lesion characteristics:
- Vascularization decreased.
- A thickening of the synovium.
- Fibrous degeneration of muscles and ligaments.
- Overconvergence of the facet joints.
- Acidification of the pH below 7.

Besides the osteopathic lesion originates from the primary call. It is that which occurs first. It is often traumatic. Need not be installed on the spine and is asymptomatic. Then, as a result of this initial injury occurs secondary call, which is compensation. It sets an adaptation that requires treatment and gave birth symptoms.

The primary lesion is asymptomatic. It is very important that the therapist will have to perform an adequate study and to distinguish multiple compensatory adjustments with very obvious symptoms of a single vertebra hidden, in that it reveals no symptoms, and is the cause originates from somatic disorder.

This vertebra called

*Automatic Translation