Osteopathy and Chiropractic. Source

Although the term subluxation can not be fully accepted in the current state of our knowledge and, consequently, the contribution of osteopathy in a variety of specific maneuvers, allowing handling the rachis in all directions and levels, Chiropractic born.

The architect was Daniel David Palmer (1845-1913). Motivated by her first audition success in returning to a deaf person after handling cervical began treating many people with success.

Since then Palmer decides to participate in the healing process of bones, nerves, and that the disease is only a functional impairment, where the body can not adapt. By this theory consider the chiropractic vertebral subluxation as solely responsible for all diseases. For them there are two camps: those who believe that the center of the pathogenesis resides in the subluxation of the Atlas and Axis, not using other therapeutic manipulation and one that the x-ray examination and the others, who are the majority, those who argue coming from the sacroiliac joint, the only pathological causes.

It is clear that both theories lack a plural and extensive knowledge of medical and anatomical issues. True healing occurs after an accurate diagnosis and appropriate action where necessary.

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