Osteopathy and quiromaje. Current Situation

In our days, is already an indisputable question that osteopathic manipulation of the spine and extremities are an effective therapeutic medium if used properly in certain spinal or joint ailments of mechanical nature.

Our recent history nourishes us with large traditional doctors who have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of manipulative methods, we thus seek to find the published works really logical support for its proper use. We cite as responsible for what is said to Menell, Cyriax Maigne Brodin, Thierry Mieg, Waghemacher and many others who have helped to impose these teachings.

Today the situation of osteopathy is variable depending on the country where one is. In northern European countries is more formally accepted. Its long cultural tradition and level of outstanding health have contributed to it. In Spain, the same happens in Portugal and Italy, despite the freedoms and installed right states, there are still

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