Osteopathy: Diagnosis. Order of performance

If we summarize the proceedings and the order in which we must be patient, we would say:

The patient explained the 1st symptoms and discomfort you have.

The osteopath must make the 2nd questions carefully, so that also understands investigate chronologically in time the pain intensity, work postures, potential accidents earlier involvement of any psychological factor, which worsens or improves posture, etc. .

Thorough examination of the 3rd x-rays. It will seek formal contraindications. The study of cliches give us information about the overall state of the structure in question, plus radiographic find those that are expressed clearly.

We will review the 4th in the patient premanipulativo. With the information already obtained, we will discover if it is a disc inflammation involving the nerve, a muscle spasm that causes a fixation of hypermobility as a result of the fixation of some peri-articular ligament stress, of any locks or fixing multiple due to any joint disease, etc.. This step must determine the exact nature of the ailment.

5th and as the last, we will seek the most appropriate technique to manipulate the patient.

The effective osteopathic treatment requires an order of performance, a detailed study on the appreciation of the history of the patient's pain and the proper interpretation of the findings of the review.

In diagnosis, the nature of pain can give us information about the tissue responsible.

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