Osteopathy: Origin. Andrew Taylor Still

Gathering all the information, experiences and knowledge gained over time and trying to interpret pathogenic, born doctrines osteopaths and chiropractors.

The founder of osteopathy was Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), born in Virginia, the son of a Methodist preacher with little medical knowledge. After a family tragedy, the loss of three of their children in an epidemic of cerebrospinal meningitis, with no existing medical resources could do anything, he devotes his life to develop the doctrine under which human health depends on the structure functional body, meaning that it would make the healing life force, restore health no matter the cause of the disease.

His medical-philosophical system was having as a rule very simply "locates, sorts and keep it. Still stated that the spinal column (spine) is the masterpiece of the body and it was where they could produce the most common and potential diseases.

We could say that the great merit of collecting and Still was from 1874 to invent many ingenious techniques to manipulate the persimmons, thus forming the basis for all operations to its use today.

Still in 1892 founded a medical school in Kiksville (Missouri) The American School of Osteopathy, and so was the beginning in the formation of several medical schools. When he died in 1918 there were six schools in the United States of Surgery and Osteopathic Medicine.

In these schools were taught in parallel with basic science theories Still. Advancing medical science and with it pharmacologic and exploratory methods. Osteopathic physicians increasingly used traditional therapies, which meant that the curriculum be restructured becoming similar to medical schools and in 1935, achieving official recognition of osteopathic physicians to practice in the same conditions and with same rights as medical doctors.

Later school of medicine and osteopathy of the Angels left the traditional Osteopathic theory and becomes School of Medicine and Surgery, giving the title of Doctor of Medicine. All of them coincides with the awakening and evolution of the industry begins to enter medicine and imposing a new way of approaching the cure for the future. Based medicine in the management of chemicals.

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