Osteopathy: Pain lumbar nerve root

A typical scenario usually appears a sudden pain in lower back. Symptoms may spread to the lower leg including foot, in addition to muscular weakness. The patient can flex a few degrees, but the pain is reproduced join. The extension is impossible. There will have to check with passive mobilization in bending which side is more painful. The elevation of the leg rigid disc herniation betray us. Radiographic examination is important.

1st in these cases of profusion disc, implying the nerve and triggers an acute low back pain, rest for 2 or 3 days is best.

If the 2nd unremitting pain may want to consider as a second step traction.

Once the 3rd enhanced mobilization were used. The general rotation would be the best choice because the symptoms are unilateral and most likely the cause of pain is the disc.

Check the 4th possible sacro-iliac fixation.

Check the 5th piriformis contracture, which reproduces sciatic pain.

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