Osteopathy: The traction

In the present article we describe some common injuries that often occur in osteopathy and its treatment. Before coming to that we will make a mild comment about a manipulative technique: The traction.

The traction
This technique is sometimes controversial, since doubts arise about the pathologies that can benefit from it.

The traction is reserved for patients who stay in bed and suffering from radicular pain of spinal procedures, where a nerve root involvement in severe pain, and that, besides the manipulation is contraindicated.

In fact used with good results for patients with sciatica pain that could not be resolved only with rest.

Patients with arm pain, motivated by the compression in the cervical radicular show significant relief of pain during traction.

Is usually done with the head flexed. Although traction can be applied with the hands, is most effective if done by a harness for the hip, for lumbar traction, and a halter for cervical cancer. This allows you to maintain longer periods with less effort.

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