Osteopathy: Vertebrae pivots


The pivots in osteopathy are vertebrae on which rotates a structure consisting of an arch. This element is mainly mechanical spinal vertebrae C2, C5, D4, D9, L3

The most important functions of the vertebrae pivots
C2: Leads the occiput and the atlas.
C5: The maximum point of rotation.
D4: The point of tension and the center post of the column.
D9: It is important mechanical and visceral.
L3: This is the maximum compression of the thoracic and pelvic blocks.

Because of the importance and the role played by pivots on spinal mechanics, will require attention in the case of analysis of various somatic dysfunctions that can occur along the rachis. The vertebra pivots will be taken into account by the clinician in diagnosing eye.

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