Ostrya virginica. Homeopathy

(Carpe very hard wood tree)
1 - () Worse: motion; stooping, walking, at 4, at 6 and 15 hours.
2 - () Dolores that tired, so sick. Discomfort with nervousness, listlessness and weakness. Malarial anemia.
3 - () Feeling light-headed, with gastric symptoms, worse walking.
Dull frontal headache with nausea, or throbbing, worse on stooping. Right sided headache, morning. Pain in the right temple. Acute pain from within outward, in the mastoid.
4 Pain twitching deep in left ear.
5 Freckles wet the face, head and hands.
6 - () Acute pains in the right lower molars. Yellow tongue at the root. Taste: copper, rough; sweet, bitter.
7 - () greatly increased appetite, hunger wakes at 4 am.
No appetite for breakfast or dinner. Nausea with headache or cold air to go. Acidity, heartburn. Sensation as if something is indigestible in the stomach, better eating. Gastralgias intense than wake up at night, with great feeling of emptiness or languor in the epigastrium.
Belching acids.
8 - () Hepatitis right lobe, with sensitivity of liver, especially in the right lobe and right upper quadrant pain, worse on walking and around 15 hours, with gastric and yellow tongue heaviness (see 6), headache with nausea (see 3) and anorexia. Retraction cord. Cutting pains in the navel, issued hypogastrium with urging to stool, rumbling and tenesmus. Colicos who wake up at night.
9 diarrhea with loose stools, bilious, with or without tenesmus. Rectal pain.
Rectal prolapse. Stool black pieces and dry, or too black.
10 Pain from the back, can barely roll over in bed or sit. Dull pain across the dorsal region, straddling the left upper quadrant. Lumbo-sacral pain constant, worse when bending over or walking.
11 Dull pains in the limbs, the fingers of his left hand, tomorrow. Cramps in the lower limbs, worse walking. Drawing pain in his right ankle.
Constant yawning 12. Restless sleep.
13 Chills at the shoulders. Sweat mild generalized weakness.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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