Otitis. Symptoms

Definition of Otitis
Otitis is an inflammation of the ear. If it affects the outer ear respectively, the middle or internal, is called otitis externa, middle or internal.

Symptoms of otitis externa
Otitis externa is inflammation of the ear canal. The symptoms exhibited by this condition are:
* Severe pain
* Local swelling
* Itching of the ear
* Resolved output of thick pus from the ear

Symptoms of otitis media
Otitis media is inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the barrel of the ear, can be acute or chronic. The infection reaches the middle ear or ear canal swollen or through the Eustachian tube (tube that connects the pharyngeal cavity with the middle ear). This mode of infection is performed in cases of nasopharyngeal diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, ocena, tonsillitis, etc.., Or also blood-borne infections during general (scarlet fever, measles, influenza, etc.)..

The acute form of otitis media, according to the nature of the liquid formed can be serous or catarrhal and purulent.

Symptoms of acute catarrhal otitis media
* Earache lively
* Buzzing in ear
* Dizziness
* Slight fever

Symptoms of acute purulent otitis media:
* Even more intense pain and lancinating
* Fever higher
* Symptoms of meningeal irritation
* Another complication may be a mastoiditis
* Hearing loss affected ear

Symptoms of chronic purulent otitis media
This type of ear infection is almost always secondary to acute or healed badly, poorly drained or maintained by the decay of the bones of the barrel of the ear or walls thereof.
* The output is continuous and chronic pus (otorrhea)
* Pus offensive
* Headache
* Dizziness and ringing
* Fever
* If the output of fetid pus continues for months or years decreased hearing (hearing loss) by total or partial destruction of the bones.

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