Ovi gallinae pellicul

Ovi gallinae PELLICULES
(Membrane inside the eggshell Chicken)
1 - () melancholy (sometimes with ovarian pain) without knowing the cause.
Premenstrual depression. Hopeless cries.
2 - () suddenness of onset and cessation of symptoms.
3 - () Worse: motion, high stress, heavy lifting, * efore, during and after menstruation, if they touch or pressure, by the pressure of clothing; down stairs at full moon. Better: when menstruation occurs, leaning backward (dyspnea). Left sided.
4 weak with fear to move and fall; need to lie still.
5 Dizziness, afraid to fall down stairs or walking on a narrow place. Fullness cephalic with outward pressure on the mastoid. Occipital headache.
6 - () Very sharp pain in his left eye to occiput, with the feeling that the eye will come out of orbit, which compels him to push him.
Feeling of having a shadow over his eyes. Eyes sunken, sad eyes.
7 By uncovering a little severe cold that starts and ends abruptly in a few days, with abundant mucous secretion, sneezing and chapped lips.
8 dark face, with dark circles. Pustulitas on the forehead and chin.
Mild stiffness and pain in the jaws.
9 - () very fetid breath during menstruation. Taste of fresh eggs.
Very acidic saliva.
10 - () Sore throat on the left side, with sensation of being burned or having a foreign body, and at night, with cold, with hard pieces that fall down, sometimes leading to cough. Dry throat with cough. Tonsils swollen, swollen on one side.
11 - () Nervous dyspepsia. Sensation of a foreign body between the xiphoid and back, like he had swallowed a potato takes, with severe sacral pain. Burning and heaviness in the epigastrium. Vomiting of gallstones.
Brusco 12 epigastric pain that extends to the left ovary and left leg. Distended belly as if to blow up before menstruation, with bearing down pain and heaviness in the hypogastric.
Hypogastric pain worse on the side on which it rests, and sacrum on its back.
13 - () Constipation every 5 to 8 days. Diarrhea that occurs suddenly, over night, cutting colic; with feces mixed with wrinkled skins.
Rectal bleeding bright red blood, which appears suddenly, especially during menstruation or while riding in a vehicle.
14 - () The urine when coughing or sneezing, especially after finishing your period. The urine irritates the vulva, but in the right side, with intense itching. Dark yellow urine red.
15 - () or congestive neuralgic pain in the left ovary, paroxysmal, radiating to left thigh and whole leg, the sacrum or the heart, worse during menstruation, usually abrupt onset and termination, better sit still. Bearing down pains in the uterus, as if hanging a weight of it; uterine prolapse. Sensation as if to come menstruation, pains in the uterus and ovary.
Menses copious, especially at night. Before menstruation: depression and drawing pains in the hypogastric down. After menstruation: thick, creamy, white, every morning, pain in left ovary to the pressure, and left thigh, breasts sore and sensitive to pressure and intolerance to the pressure of clothing.
16 Violent cough, with oppression and constriction in the chest, and coryza.
Suffocation, sternum best shot with his hand. Breast pain (see 15).
17 Dull chest, usually at the tip, with internal cold and numb, sometimes extended to the left ovary.
18 - () back pain, feeling that a lumbar vertebra had fallen, and as if the column was tied with thread. Pain in each vertebra of the spine. Severe pains in the sacrum, worse lying on his back. Ent heat the sacrum, at night, with the rest of the body cold.
19 Pain in the left hip (from the ovary), thigh and knee, with weakness during menstruation better, then worse.
20 - () jerks on falling asleep or sleeping during menstruation. Intense sleepiness during menses, worse from 10 to 15 hours, starting abruptly and, sometimes, beyond the desire to stay awake.
21 Chills strong.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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