Oxalic acid (oxalic acid). Homeopathy

Oxalic acid
(Oxalic acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Oxalic acid
1 - () The key symptom of this medicine is the appearance or aggravation of symptoms when thinking of them Medorrhinum).
2 Great joy and clarity of mind, with thoughts and actions quicker.
Manic states. Can not concentrate. Aversion to talking. Chronic depression.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Oxalic acid
3 - () Acute pain and violence, in short stitches bounded longitudinally a short drive or to a point, lasting a very short (sometimes several seconds) and that always occur or become worse thinking about them, or by movement and less contact. Dolores newspapers.
4 - () The symptoms occur or become worse: thinking about them (see 1 and 3), by cold, by the slightest touch, for the cafe, to eat sweets and sugar or acid fruits, for wine, shaved, after food, by motion and exercise, in evening, night and early morning. Better: Eating (gastralgias) and after stool.
5 - () left lateral marks.
6 It faints while bowel movements.
7 The symptoms occur in paroxysms, with intervals of hours or a day.
8 The blood coagulates slowly. Flushes.
Oxalic acid SPECIFIC
9 - () Vertigo, looking out the window or getting up from a chair or lying down, with dimming of vision, sweating and anxiety. Sensation of emptiness in the head, as if drained of blood, with faint feeling. Cequenos pain sites in the head, pressing and sensitive to touch. Headaches in the forehead (most left), worse after lying down or sleeping, lifting, or from drinking wine, better after stool.
10 Pain in eyeballs and orbits, worse on the left. Tendency to ignore. The letters are disappearing as you read. Linear objects appear smaller or larger, or more distant.
Fading or darkening of the vision during the headaches and nosebleeds. Hyperesthesia of the retina.
11 Sneezing with chills, watery coryza. Stitches on the left side of the nose while breathing deeply. Swelling and redness of the nose shiny on top and right side.
12 face pale or livid, with sunken eyes, open mouth, and unconsciousness.
Face red and swollen, with sensation of fullness, cold or hot, with cold sweats.
13 bleeding gums and painful in some ways, ulceritas. Canker. Tongue swollen, red, dry, burning, or white layer. Acid taste. Sialorrhea.
14 Burning and dryness in the throat. Swallowing painful and difficult, worse morning. Hoarseness and accumulation of thick mucus.
15 - () Appetite increased, or absent. Uncontrollable thirst. Gastralgias with cold feeling in pit pressive, worse slightest contact and sweet foods, sugar and fruit acid, better eating. Feelings of gastric emptying with a desire to eat. Belching acid or tasteless after every meal. Sudden and frequent hiccups. Nausea and frequent vomiting. Heartburn worse in the evening. After dinner: belching, nausea, cramps, rumbling, wishes to move the stomach and weakness.
16 - () Colicos violent periumbilical appearing two hours after dinner or to wake him at 3, with much flatus and bowel sounds worse by movement, better sleep, thinking about the pain worse. Continuous pain in hypochondrium, as if beaten or stitches, flatulence accumulated in the splenic flexure. Stitches in the liver, the better to breathe deeply.
Burning belly in small areas.
17 frequent diarrhea, morning, watery feces, dark, heavy, mucosanguinolentas. Diarrhea cafe. As you move the belly, you have fainting or vomiting; later, nausea or dry throat. Tenesmus. Constipation.
18 - () Think urinate like it brings. Bedwetting. Kidney pain and tenderness in the area. Hyperoxaluria; albuminuria; oxalic urolithiasis, calcium oxalate crystals. Frequent and copious urination, burning in urethra when urinating, and pain in the glans.
19 - () Great increase sexual desire of morning erections, pollutions with erotic dreams. Feeling of heaviness and contusion in the testes, but in the left foot worse, with twitching to the spermatic cord.
Terrible neuralgia tearing or electric shocks in the spermatic cords, aggravated by the slightest movement.
20 Burning in the female genitalia. During pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, epigastric cramps, acid taste and heartburn.
v21 - () Hoarseness, voice of old, with laryngeal tickling. Dry cough, constant efforts; of cardiac origin, with drowning. Dyspnea with wheezing and oppression, worse by motion. Paroxysms of short and rapid breathing, in jerks on inspiration. Sharp pain in left lung and left upper quadrant, with epasmodica breath, sudden and lancinating pains that took her breath away. Stitches in the chest when breathing. Congestion of the left lung base. Stitches in the left breast, worse walking.
22 - () Angina pectoris (one of the most important drugs) with sudden and violent pains lancinating or electric shocks, ranging back and forth or up and down, or up to the sternum to the left clavicle, with aggravation by movement and progress, and improvement by deep expiration or staying very still, with numbness of left upper limb, or both, cold in the body and cyanosis in the extremities, the pains are limited to small areas and are very short duration. Palpitations, lying down at night, worse if you think about them. The beats are intermittent when thinking of them. Tachycardia, pulse almost imperceptible, with cold and sweating.
23 - () Pain under left shoulder blade tip, with stiffness. Back pain extending down to the thighs, better change of position; sensation of numbness, cold and weakness extended to the hips and lower limbs back feels too weak to support the body.
24 - () pain in the deltoid, first left, then right.
Lancinating pains in the limbs. Sense of dislocated wrist, right, pain and right thenar metacarpal. Numbness of the upper limbs to the tips of the fingers, worse on the left. Heavy hand, has trouble moving the fingers, can not hold anything. Cold hands, as nitiertas. Arthralgia in the fingers, shaking; cyanosis of fingers and nails, but in heart. Rheumatism members left. Numbness of lower limbs, with pain and severe tiredness, which impedes almost climb stairs. Cyanosis, cooling and almost immobility of the lower limbs. Restlessness in the legs. Paresis, and paralysis, but the left side, left hemiplegia. Tired knees.
Yawning 25. Daytime sleepiness. Suenos with fright and fear, he wakes up and looks around.
Chills go up 26, especially the spine, with trembling and red face. Hot flashes with sweating. Cold sweats and clammy night.
27 Piel marbled, mottled, cold. Red spots or petechiae. Sensitive skin when shaving. Itchy rashes with redness.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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