Oxigenium (oxygen and ozone). Homeopathy

(Pathogenesies Oxygen [Swan] and ozone [Dewar and Other])
(Ozone Symptoms appear as [Oz])

1 Worse: in wet weather, or the cloud, for efforts. Better: lying on his back.

2 Headache over right eyebrow and forehead, or at a point on the left eye. Pain in the left temple, which is cold to the touch. Continuous sweats in the head.

3 paroxysmal and lancinating pain in the right eye, extending to the right temple. Tingling in the conjunctiva (Oz.).

4 - () mucus in the nose hard, you want to boot, it sounds like the morning and leaving yellowish-white chunks. Sneezing coughing. (Oz.)

5 Tingling in the skin of the face. (Oz.)

6 erosions in the oral mucosa. Irritation of the throat and voice box. You throat raw. (Oz.)

7 - () Great flatulence with abundant elimination of flatus, accumulate in the rectum, with desire to defecate, fears flatus for fear of leaving feces.

8 - () aphonia or hoarseness, waking drowned, with dryness and burning in the glottis, with violent cough that shakes tearing, from tickling behind sternum, at night, worse lying on side, better lying on his back, with profuse expectoration whitish, sometimes yellow or purulent cough worse from 2 to 5 am. Suffocation with a tendency to breathe slowly.
(Oz.) retrosternal feeling of constriction, the better carrying shoulders forward.

9 - () excessive pain throughout the sacral region, with sensation of fatigue in the pelvic floor. (Oz.)

10 - () Itching in the first phalanx of left index. Great weariness in thighs and legs. Eruption in the crease of the right buttock near the anus, and hurt.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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