Oxytropis Lamberti. Homeopathy

Oxytropis Lamberti
(Oxitropis of the Fields. Weed and Grass "Loca")
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Oxytropis Lamberti
1 - () Great Depression. You can not think or concentrate; do not like to study or talk. Wants to be alone. Feels like to lose consciousness.
Indifference to all the influences and interests. You forget a lot, especially of familiar words or names.
2 - () All symptoms are worse when thinking of them.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Oxytropis Lamberti
3 Down: immediately after eating. Better: an hour after eating, moving about, on the side you are lying down, for the fresh air after sleep, after a bowel movement.
4 The pains go from right to left.
5 The sense of touch is very concerned.
SPECIFIC Oxytropis Lamberti
6 - () sensation of fullness or heaviness in the head, with instability while standing or sitting, with tendency to fall, staggering and need to lie. Feeling of great pressure in the head, worse on eye movement, sleep better after. Sensation of sleeping head, preventing move, with pricking in the left arm and hand. Occipital headache or via the base of the skull.
7 Ojos heavy with mydriasis. Pain over right eye. Fullness in the eyes, with vision obscured, it seems like looking through clear water and see the seven colors of the prism. Paralysis of nerves and muscles of the eyes. Miosis and pupillary areflexia. Blindness as if for the glare.
Hey roaring noises 8.
9 Nose very dry crusts. Frequent and violent sneezing, with fluent coryza, sometimes with bloody discharge. Your nose feels as if burnt by the sun, bright red, but on the fins. Pressure on the bridge of the nose.
10 - () Very dry mouth, worse tomorrow. Strong metallic taste. Sialorrhea.
Abscess in the gum bottom left, with pain in the jaw. Throat dry and sore.
11 Belching. Epigastrium tender. Cold in the stomach during the chills.
12 Sharp pains in the stomach, which is crossed from right to left, followed by an urgent desire to defecate, do better after. Periumbilical pain. Sensation of fullness in the abdomen, with dyspnea, lying.
13 - () Stool: jelly-like dark brown, first hard, then soft or diarrhea. Tingling as if he had worms in the rectum. Rectal pain.
Feeling of not having removed all the feces. Incontinence of feces from paralysis of the sphincter.
14 - () Grand polyuria urine as clear as water becomes turbid and clear out the rest, or dark. When you think of urinating, is an urgent desire. Pain and heaviness in the kidneys, but in the right.
15 Impotence: Lack of desire and erections. Pain in the testicles, bruised, ranging from right to left or down to the spermatic cord and thighs.
16 Pain in left ovary.
17 Dry cough from any effort, short cough with tightness in the chest.
Dyspnea. Tachypnea. Tickling hot in the left thorax.
18 Palpitations after going to bed at night. Undulating chest pain worse lying down.
19 Pain and stiffness in the neck muscles and neck. Sensation of sleeping, or as if out of wood in the neck. Cold in the column.
20 - () Soreness of all the muscles on the right side of the body, the pains begin and end abruptly, but the muscles are stiff and painful. You can not control the movements of the body and limbs, weakness and insecurity in locomotion, their progress is very shaky, spasmodic, uncoordinated, spastic paresis or with patellar areflexia; tendency to take steps backward, trembling. Stitches from the right shoulder, the chest, hip. Stitches in the right wrist and right leg and knee, leaving a feeling of tiredness. Pain in left big toe, in inner thigh.
21 sounds with spiders, bedbugs, that nothing pleasant, erotic. Jerking when falling asleep, wake him. He wakes up often.
22 - () Chills at noon, starting between the shoulder blades and down to the feet, with pain all over his body, without thirst. Chills every 7 days.
In the abdomen, with dyspnea, lying.
23 - () Stool: jelly-like dark brown, first hard, then