Paeonia. Homeopathy

(Paeonia Officinalis. Peony)

1 Anxious, afraid to talk to others or to be spoken. The bad news greatly affected. As scared. Apprehensive at dusk.
2 - Excitation.  Moodiness. Delirium.

3 - () Worse: motion; walking; bibitacion coming into a warm, by touch or pressure, on the right side, after sleep at night, at noon, in rainy weather.

4 weak when walking, with heaviness in chest and limbs, better eating.

5 Congestion: heat waves head, face and chest burning hot eyes, throat, anus and skin.

6 Vertigo with every movement, in a warm room, with constant hesitation in walking. Heat and fullness in the head, waves of blood.
Headache with pressing pain on the left after dinner. Front pain morning and evening; over the left eyebrow, or in the right temple. Occipital headache, heaviness.

7 Pain in the left eye, with conjunctival injection, difficulty opening his eyes for the pain and photophobia, with watering. Conjunctivitis.
Burning, itching and dry eyes and eyelids, pain as if a grain of sand under the upper eyelid. Miosis.

8 twitching and itching in the ears. Sticking out in the right ear, or behind the ear. An ear the other hot and cold. Ringing in the ears, but on the left.

Nasal obstruction 9 in the morning in bed or in the evening, dryly.
Tingling in the tip of the nose.

10 Face red and puffy, burning heat. Tingling in the upper lip.
Pain in the jaw joint extending to the ear, the better with his mouth open, jaw clenching worse.

11 Languages red. Feel the pharynx filled with very sticky mucus, throat clearing. Burning sensation of a steamer coming up the throat, with warmth.

12 Anorexia, thirst. Nausea upon entering a warm room, dimming of vision and fainting. Vomiting with diarrhea painful.
Gastralgia with anxiety in the epigastrium. Stitches in pit up, burning.

13 - () Rumbling in the belly. Violent abdominal pains morning, with colic preceded or sharp or pointed, especially, followed by anxiety, tremor in limbs and great debility. Colicos and tenderness in the region of the transverse colon with hard stomach and retracted. Butterflies in your stomach.

14 - () The rectum is the wide spectrum of Paeonia. Anal itching, scratching. The anus appears swollen. Hemorrhoids very congested, bulky, very painful, after stool wipe it causes intense pain. Intolerable pain in the anus before and after stool, with constant humidity and anal fetida. Piles with perianal ulceracianes secreting very painful and the pain is burning, stabbing or as chips, are separated by pain buttocks. Anal fissure or fistula, with pains that persist long after defecation, anal moisture. Sudden diarrhea, pasty, with faint feeling in the belly and anal burning after, with chills.

15 Constriction of the neck of the bladder, the urine comes in drops. Frequent urination and plentiful that it will not let him sleep. Burning and scanty urination.

16 Vulva swollen and painful.

17 Points: in the right nipple, walking, on the whole left side of the chest with each inspiration, or shear when sitting bent forward. Chest pain to breathe and walk, near the sternum on both sides, when eating. Heat waves of blood and chest. Ulcer on the lower left breast after an abscess.

18 Pain in the heart like a blow from front to back, back.

Punctures in the last 19 cervical vertebrae, in the shoulder blades, moving better. Ulcer sacral decubitus.

20 - () tearing paroxysmal pain in the limbs, followed by numbness. Pain in the arm and right arm, the better to move.
Tingling. Cramp in the wrist. Pain in the tip of the left fingers, tingling in the fingers. Finger dead. Cramp in the knee while sitting.
Chronic ulcer on his right leg on the tibia, with pains that prevent him from walking. Ulcer on the left thumb or the back of the foot, wearing shoes tight. Pain in the ankles sitting; in corns. Punctures in the big toe, as if he pulled the shoe. Pain in the little toe of the foot as by pressure. Heaviness in limbs with severe weakness, I can not stand or walk. Painful varicose veins, varicose ulcers.

Sleepiness after 21 noon, starting at sleep. Dreams: the death of relatives; eroticos with pollutions; of fights, with a ghost sitting on his chest, which oppresses the breathing, or do not remember.

22 Chills, cold limbs, with burning heat in face, back and chest. Fever, worse at night, with hot skin. Rush of blood to face and head with sweat.

23 - () Skin irritation and ulcerative prone secretory caused or maintained by friction or rubbing or prolonged or repeated compressions, painful and sensitive to touch, espcially in heels, feet, toes, coccyx, perineum and around the anus, in the sinuses in the lower jaw, ete. The sores are very painful.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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