Palladium (Palladium). Homeopathy

(Metal Palladium)
1 Fundamentally, Palladium, child or adult, for, being in society, call attention to shine, make an impact on others, because it has a great need, a real hunger for approval, of being admired, flatter and flatter, loves good opinion of others about him. If he fails, he feels very humbled, his pride is very hurt, offended easily, cry, and if you believe (or actually) who do not pay attention (or care enough to think that it should be), it feel insulted, ignored or despised or neglected. It is proud, and can be contemptuous and insolent, using abusive or vulgar words. It has a high opinion of themselves.
2 - () Very agtado and excited to be in society, try to appear friendly, then meetings or discussions, is very exhausted and with brain feeling empty, when it, alone. You may have desire or aversion to company, but the worst one. Unhappy with everything. Irritable and impatient, use violent language.
3 - () Fear that something will happen, or bad, worse after menses. Hallucinations: that is too high, the whole body is hollow, which is going crazy, can not touch anything, time passes very slowly.
4 - () Disorders mortification or bad news. Hypersensitive to the music.
5 - () Worse, after a mental excitement or prolonged physical exercise, by cold, by motion. Better: by pressure, by friction or massage, heat, for the rest, for the outdoors, after sleeping, for coffee.
6 - () Right side.
7 Aversion to make any effort or exercise, need to lie.
8 Sensation as if head moved back and forth, or as if you shake the brain. Morning headache, which goes from one ear to the other, through the crown, with irritability worse after an animated conversation. You feel a weight in the center of the brain. Itching on the sides of the head.
9 Eye pain after walking. Pustule under the right eyelid, worse when touched. Dryness and itching at the edges of the eyelids. Blisters on the edge of the lower eyelids. Ojeras blue.
10 coryza with burning in the nose at night. Painful pustule on the tip of the nose.
11 Itching pimples on the face, behind the ears and nose.
Right labial hurt and pain.
12 Feel outgoing upper incisors. Feel some teeth as foreign bodies. Tongue red in the middle, burning at the tip. Thick mucus in the mouth.
13 Mucus in throat thick. Frequent hawking of solid pieces that must swallow. Dry tongue and throat without thirst. Feeling of having a piece of bread in the throat, something that hangs near the hyoid bone in swallowing.
14 Nausea with tasteless belching, not improve it.
15 - () Pain in the liver and spleen, cructando better. Sensation as if intestines tangled with odorless flatus. Sensation of air bubbles that push through the intestines upward. Violent cramps in the abdomen, worse on the right, by belching, coughing, sneezing, urinating and after noon, better lying on the left and local heat. As stabbing pains in the hypogastric, better by stool. Abdominal distention with flatulence. At every step, tearing pain in the groin, but left.
16 Diarrhea with little pain. Dull pains in the rectum as stool. Anal prolapse. Constipation with hard stool and white, like putty.
17 points in the vegiga; pressure as if too full, frequent urination, but little by little. Dark urine with brick-dust sediment. Water mixed with urine and blood.
18 Erections incomplete. Stitches in the urethra, extending to the glans.
Sense of testicles beaten.
19 - () The most important field of action of Palladium in the female genitalia. hypertrophy and induration of the right ovary, with sharp pains during and after menses, worse after being in partnership or lively conversation, motion and standing, better flexing thigh or lying on the left, by friction or pressure; extended down to the thighs, sometimes worse by pressure. Ovarian pains associated with a feeling of heaviness or pain in bearing down in the uterus, with headaches, nausea, constipation and upper quadrant tenderness and right iliac fossa, extending to the buttock and thigh herechos. Prolapsed uterus. Menses late as the full moon, or appear to breastfeed; stomach pain after menstruation. Flow like jelly, transparent, worse before and after menstruation, or yellow, then white and thick. Subacute pelvic peritonitis right. Cutting pains in the uterus, the better to defecate. Uterine retroversion. Pain in the breast, especially the right at the nipple, pain from the navel to the breast.
20 points in the right side of the chest, worse on deep inspiration, better walking outdoors.
21 chest pain with left upper limb paralysis.
22 Painful spasms of the right side of neck, worse morning, jarring painful. Pain in back and hips. Feeling tired in the back.
23 - () Rheumatic pain in shoulder and right hip, shoulder, sharp stitches or as if sprained; in arm and right wrist. Brazos asleep at night, and right hand. Right sciatica with severe pain from the toes to the hip or trochanter to the popliteal fossa, worst in the evening and night, by cold and moving and stationary, better by heat, resting, sitting or lying down. Itching in the left ankle.
24 Great sleepiness after noon. Do not fall asleep until 2. Sounds buildings, rooms, wide stairs.
25 Chills, with cold hands and feet.
Red Knuckles 26 and warts. Itching and tingling in various places.