Paraffinum (paraffin). Homeopathy

1 sense of fear with electric pains in the armpit.
2 - () stitches or stabbing pains, or sharp or as electricity, extending from side to side or alternating sides, worse bending or standing.
3 Down: standing or walking. Best, after sleeping, at rest, holding or supporting the affected part.
4 Sensation as if the whole body out back and forward while sitting.
6 - () Heaviness in the head, worse when bending forward, as if something fell off toward the front or go out there. Nail Sensation on vertex, left. Sensation of a knife in right, extending to the right eye. Worse on the left side of the head and face.
By touching the scalp, it feels soft. Hair loss.
7 - () Stitches on the left eye. Eyelids stuck together with mucus in the morning. Pain as needles under the upper eyelids. Eyelids red and itchy, worse in the inner corner. Eyes watering. Sensation of a veil before the eyes, black, tomorrow or outdoors. Vision impaired; floaters. Sense of fat in their eyes.
8 Roaring in the right ear, ringing in the ears. Sensation of plugged left ear.
9 Frequent desire to blow your nose. Epistaxis dark red blood.
10 Red spots on the face. Facial itching with hives. Heats.
11 Toothache tearing on the right side, extended to the ear.
1ialorrea, spits constantly. Sticky mouth. It feels like, or have a bitter taste in the mouth.
Dry throat 12. Feel suffocation in the throat.
13 - () No appetite. Constant feeling of fullness. Belching acids. Nausea after eating. Almost constant hunger. Gastralgias that extend to the chest, causing oppression, or alternating with sore throat or lumbar (worst climbing stairs); not tolerate tight clothing. Throbbing in pit, which is hard and painful to touch. Weight in the stomach, as if a stone, after eating. Palpitation with gastric symptoms.
14 - () belly swollen with pain when walking fast. Cutting across
belly that will not let him sleep. Periumbilical cramps, nausea and vomiting with acids. Painful sensation of a thread tied around the belly. Spasmodic pains in the hypogastric when sitting, worse walking. Abdomen hard, tense and swollen, with rumbling painless. Intense itching of the stomach, followed by copious expectoration white heat in face and great weakness. Left groin pain.
15 - () Atonic Constipation in children rebel, move every 3 or 4 days, with severe anal pain. Ineffectual urging to stool. Chronic constipation with hemorrhoids. Very hard stools, small pieces, like nuts.
16 Urine very hot. Frequent urination.
17 - () Itching, burning and heat in the vulva. Menses black and abundant, with sensation of cold external and internal heat. Copious white discharge and irritating, sweetish odor and produces vulvitis.
18 chronic noise in the chest, with dry cough. Pains in the chest, worse on the left, like knives, worse when breathing. Nipple soreness when touched.
19 pains in the spine as if he had been beaten, worse when bending.
Pain as electricity in the left axilla.
20 - () All the right upper limb, it feels as if dislocated, but in the armpit. Heaviness and numbness in the right upper limb, you can not lift well, with swollen veins. Pain in the elbows. Painful tension in the muscles of the thigh. Pain on the outside of his right knee.
Tremor in the legs. Tearing pain in the calves, with heat.
Palms and soles very hot. Earlobes were swollen. Electric shock sensation in all joints.
Somnolence 21 to 16 hours, with fatigue and cold sweats. Continued yawning. Sleep day and night. He sleeps sitting. Dreams.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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