Paris. Homeopathy

(P. quadrifolia. Herb Paris or True Love)
1 - () Grand talkativeness (and lively) by fits that last half an hour.
Speak in a manner inconsistent, changing every minute the subject, and even speaks when alone. Tends to say absurd things with complacency.
2 - () Illusions sensory touch (smooth objects seem rough) and smell (milk, bread or any food smells of rotten meat) or can not tolerate bad smells.
3 Trend to treat others with contempt. Stupid behavior.
4 Moody, unhappy, aversion to mental work.
5 - () neuralgia with sharp pains accompanied by a sense of warmth and numbness in the area or the affected side dominate the left side, and they are aggravated by touch, by pressure, especially in the face, occipital, brachial, intercostal (radiating to the arms) and coccyx (worse sitting). Punctures, especially in the limbs. Cramp-like pains in the joints, or feeling when moved, damn if broken, swollen or dislocated.
6 - () Worse: evening; motion; by touch, by mental effort, thinking. Better-for repose; outdoors.
7 - () Laterality left.
8 - () Sense of extension in size, of expansion, local or whole body. Generalized feeling of heaviness.
9 The discharge is green and adherents.
10 - () Vertigo when speaks loudly. Sensitivity to touch on vertex or pain around the scalp. Headaches from meditation, smoking or waking at night, better by pressure of the hand. Sensation of swelling in the head, with pressure, as if the entire contents of the skull was forced out of the temples and eyes, worse on stooping. Head in the left half asleep. Sore spot on the left side to the touch. Occipital headache extending to the vertex and eye, worse from mental exertion and eye and touch, and better by pressure. Tension or contracture of the scalp, worse on movement, excitement, eyestrain and dusk. Scales on the head. Hair loss.
11 - () In the eyes appear more prominent key symptoms of the drug. He feels as if his eyes were too large for the orbits, and also as if they excel, as a sensation of protrusion, and like he could not close the lids. Painful sensation as if eyes were pulled back by a thread to the center of the brain. Burning pain in the eyes with tears, upon arising in the morning, worse at the slightest attempt to move them. Contractures and jerks in the right upper eyelid. Look erratic. A foul odor from the eyes.
12 Earache tearing, worse when swallowing. Sensation as if ears were pressed out, or leave a stream of hot air. Hearing loss.
Hey rings in left ear.
13 - () sensation of obstruction in the top of the nose, with secretion or blood mucosanguinolenta blowing. Great sensitivity to strong odors or foul, feels or smells imaginary smell of rotten food. Dry coryza alternates with flux.
14 - () burning or lancinating facial neuralgia in the left malar, with stinging hot to the touch. Itching and burning at the bottom of the jaw, with red miliary rash and bleeding easily. Purulent pimples under his nose and chin. Cracks in the lips. Circumoral herpes. Vesicles on the lower lip.
15 - () Toothache drawing, cold things worse. Sialorrhea astringent, rough. White foam at the corners of lips, of tomorrow. Tongue white.
Excoriating pain in the palate. Gums painful every morning; wrinkled. Dry mouth and tongue to awaken in the morning, without thirst. Hard lump in the soft palate, like a pigeon's egg. Sense of language great. Insipid.
16 Sore throat, as the pressure of a ball. Burning pain in throat after eating or drinking. Mucus in the throat with hoarseness.
17 Ravenous hunger, sometimes after a while you eat. Regurgitation. Nausea with sour taste. Digestion slow. Hiccups after eating. Sensation of stone in the stomach, better regurgitating. Gastralgia burning lying belly.
18 Rumbling in the belly cutting, cramping. Incisive pains in one side of the abdomen, at night, lying on that side. Pressure on the abdomen.
19 loose stools and frequent, scanty, with the smell of rotting flesh.
20 - () Desc frequent and urgent urination, burning when urinating. Waxy cuticle or urine after standing rainbow acrid, excoriating, with reddish sediment. Burning pain in urethra while sitting.
21 Sexual desire increased in women. Menstruation advanced.
Entuertos intense, suppressed lochia, rectal tenesmus, fever, severe headache and eye pain.
i22 - () Dry tracheal morning awakening. Periodical painless hoarseness. Like cough caused by sulfur fumes, worse morning, or night (lying on the left side), with or greenish mucous expectoration.
Dyspnea in need of deep inspiration. Intercostal neuralgia, starting on the left, radiating to left arm, which becomes rigid, with spasmodic contraction of the fingers and feeling of weight in the neck.
23 Palpitations at rest or movement and dusk. Pulse full and slow.
24 - () Sense of neck stiffness and swelling, turning around. Dull pain in the neck, with numbness, warmth and heaviness, worse physical and mental strain and bending. Pain in the sides of the neck, violent, extended to the toes, worse on the left, with sense of paralysis in the upper limbs (brachial neuralgia). Neuralgic pain in the sixth cervical vertebra, radiating to the neck and shoulders. Neuralgia coccyx with lancinating pain and throbbing, worse when sitting. Pain between the shoulder blades.
25 - () points on the members, heaviness, pain paralyzed. Joints hurt to move. Heaviness and paralytic weakness in arms and fingers. Tearing pain from shoulder to fingers. Tremor.
Fingering sometimes hot, sometimes cold and dead asleep. Felon.
Drawing or tearing pain in the hip, leg and toes. Tingling in the Achilles tendon. Cold feet in bed at night. Paralytic pain in the foot.
26 Sleepiness during the day, with yawning. Agitated and restless sleep with many dreams. Erotic dreams with erections and pollutions.
27 - () Hot on the right side of the body with normal temperature or heat in the left. Shivering in chest, and legs abdomn, with goose bumps and yawning. Hot constant internal trembling. Heat extending from the neck down, with sweating in the upper body.
Papular eruptions 28. Violent itching. Tickling subcutaneous, or tingling. Excoriating pain in the skin when touched.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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