Paullinia pinnata. Homeopathy

Paullinia pinnata
Mental symptoms of Paullinia pinnata
1 Fear of becoming consumptive. Sad, listless, indolent.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Paullinia pinnata
2 - () lancinating pain, and pressing punzaraes; introduejran as if a stone or a knife. Constrictive pains as bands or sheets of iron. It feels as if beaten all over his body. Joint pain.
3 Down: by movement and inspiration. Better: open air and by friction.
Desire and aversion of Paullinia pinnata
4 - () I want coffee, fruit.
SPECIFIC Paullinia pinnata
5 - () Headache over eyes prevents him from bringing the head forward.
Hammering in the left temple and on the vertex. He feels his head as a helmet covered with lead and beat him up. Great itching and oozing in the occiput.
6 Pain in the eyebrows, eyes, with tearing.
7 Cutting in the left ear cartilage, extended neck.
Heat in the ears. Roaring in left ear.
8 Toothache right. Tongue swollen, rough, feels somewhat rigid.
Dry mouth; bitter. Sialorrhea.
9 itching in the throat coughs.
10 increased or decreased appetite. Nausea on waking. Sensation to speak, as if someone had buried a stone in the stomach.

11 - () Pain as a tight rope around the hypochondria.
Rumbling. Lancinating pains in liver, spleen, navel and English.
Constipation 12. Diarrhea. Cramps followed by diarrhea with mucus red.
13 Frequent desire to urinate and inefficient. Burning with urination.
14 Cutting pains in the ovaries.
15 - () Hoarseness. Violent, hacking cough. Coughing yellow, bitter and very sticky. Rapid shallow breathing. Oppression. Pressure as an iron band around the chest, worse from motion, or as if it estruijaran with iron and then knifed. Chest feels as if it would break, opening with a crack, to inspire. Burning in the chest. Pains in the breasts. Pain like a knife stuck in the nipple at regular intervals.
Stabbing chest pain 16 to 18 hours, spread the false ribs.
17 Pain in the neck, the better outdoors. Burning in the back. Back pain can not straighten up after bending over.
18 Numbness in the legs. Pain in the wrists. Cramp in left plama. Pnchazos in the left thigh. Weakness and heaviness in the legs. Feet fall asleep after climbing stairs. Pain in soles when walking, worse pressure. A staggering gait. Heat in the soles of the feet.
19 Insomnia. Restless sleep. It sounds to dead with lepers.
20 Frio with shivering and drowsiness. Alternate heat and cold in the face.
21 Red spots on face and chest. Itching hands and fingers are the scratches until they are raw.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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