Peanuts, Pumpkin, Chestnut, Barley, Onion

Peanuts: It produces 620 calories per 100 grams. They are the most indigestible of oleaginous fruits especially if eaten at night. They are very rich in vitamin B3.

Pumpkin: It has a 53% alkaline salts. It is easy to digest, but little nutrition. Do not leave toxic residues. It is laxative and diuretic. Its main virtue is the remarkable amount of carotene that owns and detoxifying effect. Its juice fasting overcomes the most obstinate constipation. The crushed seeds of their cooking is calming and is used for insomnia.

Chestnuts: They have a 60% alkaline salts. They are good if properly chewed and salivated. They have phosphates, iron and potassium, making it good for the kidneys.

It has a 58% acid. Food is a heart tonic, tonic, digestive, hepatic activity, antidiarrheal, refreshing and hypertensive (vasoconstrictor). It says it is better than rice and corn. It is the richest in phosphorus. Contains fluoride. It is emollient, purifying and remineralizing.

Onion: It has a 60% alkaline salts. It has many properties. Good for bones and elasticity of arteries. Congestion in the lymph nodes contributes to the glandular balance, stimulates the defenses. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus as well as antibiotic and makes the nervous system and brain. It is a very potent diuretic. Increased secretion of the prostate and helps the urinary system. Furthermore it is useful for diabetes. It is essential for all diseases of the airways.

*Automatic Translation