Pediculus capitis. Homeopathy

Pediculus capitis
(Head Lice)
Mental symptoms of Pediculus capitis
1 - () unusual aptitude for study and work; captures and fast learner he writes with feverish rapidity. Excessive joy, laughs about everything. O melancholy without cause.
2 Fully unconcerned about the present or future.
3 Irritable. Anger without cause.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Pediculus capitis
4 - () According to Mure, author of the pathogenesis of this drug, is a hereditary psora-specific and one of the most useful agents in diseases of children. Children lazy and unfit for intellectual work, especially in the evening (Voisin). In a consecutive states intellectual overwork, with nervous tics and movements.
5 Worst: by contact by nightfall, after eating, standing, walking, stooping.
6 Jerks and starts at dusk, when sitting or lying down.
7 Swelling in the breasts, face and most of the body.
8 Big tiredness when standing, with a feeling of faintness or dizziness.
SPECIFIC Pediculus capitis
9 - () Confusion in the head when standing up, with throbbing in the right temple.
Headache with pressure at root of nose. Contraction in the scalp hair is in the left half. Sensation as if lifted by pulling the hair. Hair loss. Itching of the head lice as if he ran.
10 Ojos tired, burning. Vision cloudy. Dark circles.
Heat in 11 ears. Cracks in the right ear when eating. Hey hum when whistles; hear bellowing.
12 lancinating pain in the root of the nose. Inflammation of the nostrils.
13 Face red, scarlet. Swollen left cheek. Dry lips, swollen, very red and chapped.
14 Burning and stinging at the sides of the tongue, which is very red and chapped. Stuttering.
15 dryness, tightness and pain in the throat. She swallows constantly. Can not swallow food, feel the contracted pharynx.
16 Persistent nausea, digestion difficult to stomach contracted.
17 - () Violent cramps that make cry and mourn, worse after eating or drinking, with diarrhea.
Diarrhea 18 at dusk. Hard stool and girls.
Frequent urination 19 and copious yellow-green urine. Clear yellow urine strong odor.
20 prolonged erections without desire. Nocturnal emissions without dreams.
21 Dolores intense heat and itching in utero; stitches. Flow.
22 Dry cough, spasmodic. Dyspnea 16 to 18 hours with chest pain to the touch.
23 - () Pain in upper limbs, which are sensitive to touch.
The hands are shaking so she can not sew. Legs very weak. Intense pain in the kneecaps. Throbbing in the left patella. Bump on the sole, very painful to walk. The skin peeling in sheets in front of the left leg.
24 Yawning, drowsiness. Restless sleep. Suenos: monsters; with a hospital full of worms that is pursued; eroticos.
25 Frio with shivering. Heat and dryness in the extremities. Fever with burning heat, bright red face, hands warm. Sweating on the face, chills in the feet, followed by intense cold.
26 - () miliary or papular rash red and itchy, worse at night, especially on the scalp, neck, arms and back of hands on a red and swollen in the middle. Small red bumps with black dots. Small red bumps on the feet, then put them in hot water.
Red spots on the cheeks, white hands. Goosebumps. Itching and stinging in the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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