Penicillinum. Homeopathy

(Sodium salt of Benzylpenicillin or penicillin G)
Michel Guermonprez L Homeopathie Francaise, V 1955, page 268.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Penicillinum
1 psychic depression worse tomorrow, everything looks sad.
2 Activity increased cerebral, followed quickly by considerable intellectual fatigue and drowsiness.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Penicillinum
3 - () The key indication is for disorders arising from a contagious disease treated by penicillin or another antibiotic of fungal origin (see other Generals and Particulars).
4 - () Asthenia considerable, with desire to lie down, worse from any movement, is no timetable asthenia, permanent in and complains of fatigue.
5 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: from cold, especially humidity, moisture and water, by the slightest movement and fatigue, early morning at 4, soon to wake up by nightfall, by the fatigue of day, for the use of antifungal antibiotics. Better: heat and hot weather and dry by rest or lying down, in the middle of the day. Right side.
6 - () Acute pain like lightning, which appear and disappear abruptly, or very little heavy, dull and continuous, that reduce it to absolute immobility, since they are aggravated by the slightest movement; worse early morning, the 4 hours, and in the evening after 18 hours. Are accompanied by a stinging sensation under the skin and a sensation of cold ice.
7 - () Suppuration anywhere in the body, pus, ranging from the yellow thick, rubbery yellow pus to sero, translucent, very fluid, often scanty, with moderate pain and little or no inflammatory symptoms, the Pus is sometimes mixed with some blood. The oozing is protracted and recurrent.
SPECIFIC Penicillinum
8 - () Vertigo worse by movement, with nausea. Right frontal headache with sinusitis. Occipital headache worse by movement, with dejection and intense sensation of cold and generalized eating better and prolonged rest.
9 - () and retro-orbital neuralgia above right, extending to the choana right, then the soft palate and throat and, finally, the right trapezius and Drazen. Styes of slow evolution, little bit painful and oozing.
Eczema eyelid is dry or wet. Eyes glued to the morning. Swollen eyelids, especially the lower. Tearing.
10 Ringing in the ears. Suppurative otitis (see 7). External otitis. Eczema
duct. Little painful boils in the duct.
11 - () coryza preceded by tingling. Secretion of day, thick yellow or clear, liquid, with pain in the sinuses extended to the whole face.
The infection spreads to the throat. Pain right aftertaste. Sneezing.
12 - () stomatitis, gingivitis and glossitis. Oral moniliasis. Red oral mucosa and white plaques mild gingival bleeding. Furred tongue with thick, brown or yellow brown, with smooth edges and despapilados and dental impressions, sometimes somewhat painful. Boca bitter metallic taste.
13 - () Acute Toothache on a background of dull pain in the teeth, especially incisors and upper right canine with elxtension the right maxillary sinus pain, which is swollen and infected (sinusitis of dental origin).
14 Angina sub-fever, prolonged and recurrent, red tonsils.
15 - () Nausea better lying quiet, with vertigo. Crampoides periumbilical epigastric pain and, radiating across the belly, bloat, far worse meals, wanting to eat better by heat and, sometimes, eating.
16 Constipation without any desire, with normal stool. More raramnente, diarrhea, foul-smelling liquid stools scarce and non-irritating. Stool sometimes discolored.
17 - () bilateral renal pain dull, continuous, radiating to the lumbosacral region. Urine scanty, with sometimes massive albuminuria, with edema.
Lipoid nephrosis.
18 - () Menses delayed or interrupted, scanty, dark brown and very painful, or hemorrhagic, advanced and clots. Flow abundant yellow or white, non-irritating.
19 - () dry cough, hoarse, spasmodic, sometimes they bend fifth, with sternal or retrosternal pain, better by rest and half of the day. Coughing yellow or yellowish-white, abundant, thin, and sometimes streaked with blood. Asthmatic dyspnea worse at 4 am, with low temperature and difficult expectoration, with feeling of extreme weakness. Asma on a background of chronic bronchitis. Bronchial infections; subacute, subacute crisis in chronic bronchitis. Violent chest pains, especially on the right parasternal at the level of the 3rd and 4th ribs, suffocated, causing very painful cough, relieved by strong pressure.
20 precordial dull pain, worse on waking. Palpitations and irregular beats. Tachycardia. Tendency to bruising. Small hemorrhages.
21 - () starting dull lumbar pain on waking, better walking, but worsens again after a few steps.
22 Joint pain and swelling, worse from motion, ranging 2eneralmente bottom up. Muscle aches and extreme fatigue heavily for the slightest movement. Cramp-like pains. Sciatica. Extremities very sensitive to cold, tingling, and pricking. Acute rheumatism, infectious, chronic, pain worse in morning, from cold and movement.
23 Sueno heavy or light and restless, waking at 4, with significant discomfort.
24 - () Frilair marked; sensation of cold ice, especially in the lumbar region and thorax. Chills. Continuous fever for weeks or months and not exceeding the 38th at dusk. Night sweats or hot, or sour-smelling, thick, especially in the daytime, and would not improve.
25 - () Boils, especially in the upper body. Sucision large boils, some painful and slow evolution, with yellow pus, sparse, often mixed with blood. Furuncles of the face with edema.
Acne with tuberous elements. Styes that evolve slowly and incompletely. Skin disorders in consecutive to penicillin. Itching worse by heat and cold. Eczema dry tendency to bleed from scratching. Eczema secretory with clear liquid. Edema. Facial herpes. Psoriasis worse in the face and bleed easily. Fall pelad hair. Epidermomicosis, especially secreting and impetiginized.
Condylomas, lichen; recent warts.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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