Pennyroyal and viridis. Homeopathy

(Menta Poleo)
1 - () worse when you think about your symptoms.
SPECIFIC Pennyroyal
2 - () Pains in the bones of the cranium, frontal and parietal right side.
Right frontal headache with tearing of the right eye in the right temple, with pressure behind the eyes (first right) worse in the evening and night.
Sensation of emptiness in the right side of the head. Itching of the scalp.
3 Sale saliva from the mouth of the angle of the side on this bed, at night, waking up. Stitches from the left eustachian tube to the left side of the throat, pressing better under the left ear.
4 - () points in the right upper quadrant, sometimes in the middle of the sternum.
Sharp stitches in the groin and left side of the abdomen while sitting.
5 sharp cutting pain in the right side of the chest, to roll over in bed from right to left.
6 - () Pain as if beaten in a small area in the upper right shoulder blade, with empty and right-sided headache. Cutting pain in the left kidney region, rising to the left side of the chest, Best Setter.
7 - () Pains in the bones of arms and legs, especially on the right, the best night's rest. Whole body jerks after awakening, but in the arm and left shoulder when lying on that side.
Trembling of left hand to pour water from a jug. Wandering rheumatic pains, but the side, right. Sensation that blood circulated faster than usual. Swollen veins night.
8 Chills in the back and front of the left thigh.