Penthorum sedoides. Homeopathy

PENTHORUM sedoides
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR PENTHORUM pathogenesis sedoides
1 daze, can not study. Discouraged.
2 hypersecretion of mucous membranes.
3 The symptoms go up and down. Malaise.
4 Vertigo, with sensation as if floating, closing his eyes. Headache with heaviness, pain and heat in the sacrum. Catarrhal pain in the forehead. Weight on vertex. Itching of the scalp.
5 The lids burn and itch. Supraorbital fullness.
6 Hey ringtones and songs.
7 - () is an important drug for acute or subacute coryza, with sore nostrils and choanae, and drawn to the Eustachian tube or larynx (with hoarseness), with a peculiar feeling of dampness and obstruction in the nose, with feeling of fullness in nose and ears. Chronic coryza with copious secretions and thick, purulent, often streaked with blood fetida. Itching in the nose. Post-nasal catarrh in puberty.
8 Sensation as if tongue burned. Sialorrhea bloody.
9 Feel the choanae as raw.
Increased appetite 10. Belching. Nausea. Epigastric pain.
Rumbling 11. Periumbilical discomfort, which lowers the hypogastric. Shocks in the abdominal muscles.
12 Crawling in the rectum, as if to get a worm. Burning in the rectum,
1l defecating and after. Pruritus ani. Piles with pain in sacrum and sacro iliac. Atonic constipation.
13 Dull pain in kidney region. Bladder pressure sore. Urethral burning during urination. Increased urine alkaline.
14 Erethism sexual satyriasis followed by depression and impotence.
15 - () wetness in trachea and bronchi (according to the nose), with a slight feeling of constriction. Dry cough, deep in the morning, with pain in the chest.
16 - () back pain; in the sacrum. Heat in the sacrum.
17 - () Brazos asleep. Feels swollen hands. Tremor in the legs, with pain in the knees. Contracted sharply left leg. Weakness in limbs.
18 dreams.
19 - () Chills successive climbing the spine.
20 Itching in the face and forehead. Hot skin punctures. Eczema Impetiginized.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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