Periodontitis or Pyorrhea. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Definition of Periodontitis or Pyorrhea
Means periodontitis or pyorrhea gingival inflammation (gum) that causes irreversible loss of tooth supporting tissues. The involvement of these tissues causes the gums, swollen, is separated from the root, periodontal ligament (which is holding the tooth to the bone) and the supporting bone, making the tooth and helps to move forming what is known as "periodontal pocket, this is an area that forms between the gum and tooth and is colonized by bacterial plaque.

Periodontitis or pyorrhea and other diseases
A vast majority of diseases of the mouth and teeth is because endogenous (internal). However, an increasing scientific evidence linking periodontitis or pyorrhea as a risk factor in the development of other diseases

Cardiovascular Disease
The investigation of these outbreaks have shown that people with periodontitis have a 14% increased risk of coronary heart disease (inability of the arteries of the heart to supply oxygen necessary due to obstruction). The latest study, conducted by experts from the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, University of Kiel in Germany, has taken a further step in this direction, confirming that, in addition, there is a genetic relationship between periodontitis and heart disease. This study showed that people with periodontitis should seek to reduce risk factors and early prevention measures.

Diabetes and periodontitis
Recent studies have linked periodontal disease to diabetes, finding that people with diabetes have more severe periodontitis than those without HHT. There is evidence that inflammation caused by periodontitis may worsen diabetes and its cardiovascular consequences, increasing mortality.

Preterm birth and periodontitis
Dr. Casals, president of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology of Oral Health (SESP), recommends that "before becoming pregnant, any woman who wants to have healthy children while his mouth should review and, once pregnant, have an oral hygiene very careful. " The reason for this caution is that pregnant women with periodontitis are 2 to 7 times more risk of a complication in pregnancy, such as premature delivery, toxemia (toxins in the blood), gestational diabetes, low infant birth weight and even fetal loss. Given that 70% of pregnant women suffer some form of gingivitis due to hormonal changes, monitoring of dental health during pregnancy becomes very important.

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies for periodontitis or pyorrhea

Medicine for the periodontitis (pyorrhea) with the Diet:
Eat apples with bites.

Medicine for the periodontitis (pyorrhea) with Medicinal Plants:

Cedar, Comfrey, Lemon, Apple.

Medicine for the periodontitis (pyorrhea) with supplements:

Apply clay gums.

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