Petiveria. Homeopathy

(P. tetrandra. Yerba de Pipi)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Petiveria
1 Excess joy, with a tendency to sing, laugh, joke, followed by sadness and tears.
2 The thoughts you vanish.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Petiveria
3 Down: motion; in the morning upon waking and rising, after breakfast or dinner while and then, leaning back.
4 - () When walking, she feels like she touched the floor and going to fall.
5 - () You feel the whole body while lying asleep. Sense of paralysis. Prostration.
6 - () Hot inside, and inside the bones, saliva cold.
SPECIAL Petiveria
7 Heaviness in the head, worse in vertex. Squeezing sensation as if head were wrapped in warm clothes, or as hot water that penetrates the brain. Feels as if head would burst. Headache better by motion.
8 Ojos swollen and half closed, dark circles surrounded by blue. Eyelids heavy force him to close his eyes, and then go figure. Pain in eyes as if they were pushed out of their orbits. Burning pain on the edge of the eyelids, worse on closing. Tearing. Conjunctivitis. Vision cloudy.
9 deaf right ear feels like covered.
10 coryza. Veins swollen nose and blue. Redness of the left nasal fin and cheek. Pain in the nose of the nose at night.
Shiny nose. Intense itching and jump in the nasal bridge.
11 Pain in malar bone. Punctures in the upper lip inside out.
12 - () Sensation of burning tongue, morning on rising. Dry mouth.
Foul breath. Saliva cold and watery.
13 Sense of astringency in the throat. Sore throat with difficulty swallowing saliva.
14 - () Sharp, shooting pains in the epigastrium, inside out.
Gastralgia with internal sensation of cold.
15 elongated horizontal blue spots in the right upper quadrant.
Lancinating pains in hypochondria, in the spleen, from the bottom up.
Rumbling to move in bed. Dull pain in the hypogastric. Acute pain circumscribed in English. Colic in the descending colon.
16 Diarrhea dark mucus, mixed with hard pieces of stool.
17 Pollakiuria with heat in the urethra. Urine copious and pale.
18 Hoarseness from coughing. Suffocation with cold feet. Deep dull retrosternal pain, worse on moving the neck or tilting the head forward.
Violent stitches under the right breast at each inspiration.
Contraction and 19 beats in the precordial region at dusk.
20 spine pain worse sitting upright or straight back, better bending forward.
21 Fatigue, heaviness and numbness in limbs, after rising from bed. Pain as if he had been beaten in the arms and legs. Sensation of twitching in the shoulder stooping. Burning pain and cramping in the arms, with redness. Numbness in arm, wrist and fingers straight. Pain and heat as a whitlow on the thumb yerecho. Itching in the left palm. Weakness in the legs.
Sudden numbness in the knees, with dull pain in the tibia.
Numbness, itching, and weakness from the knees to the soles of the feet. Sweaty palms.
22 Sleepy all day, with frequent yawning, worse after eating.
Dream deep and prolonged. Suenos sad, unpleasant, with fights, with corpses, and wakes up with cold sweats.
23 - () Excessive cold hands and feet, penetrating to the bone.
Shuddering while lying. Fever with pale face and cold hands. Dry heat throughout the body, especially on the palms. Profuse cold sweats and generalized, with chills, after the first dream.
24 Itching, stinging and tingling of the skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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