Petroleum (Oil). Homeopathy

1 - () Confusion worse walking outdoors or on waking; not know where or lost on streets that are well known, or on their identity, sometimes feeling of duality. He is wrong in wanting to find or locate places or sites known. Meomoria weak, can not coordinate their thoughts, has trouble concentrating.
2 - () during sleep or delirium imagines that a person is lying next to him, and jumped up and wants to get out of bed, or think it is double, or one leg is double and third leg that does not stand still, that there are two babies with her on the bed (during puerperal fever). Visual hallucinations.
3 - () Anxious and timid, easily frightened. He thinks his death is near, and must hurry to put his affairs in order. Sad, depressed.
Very indecisive. Unease about its future.
4 - () is very irritable, worse if they contradict: moody, worse morning on waking. Violent, angry, insolent. Anger by shouting. Desire to kill.
Are easily offended.
5 - () Worse in Winter, by any atmospheric change; by moisture; before and during a storm, from emotion, traveling in a vehicle, train or ship, from cold, suppressed eruptions, if they touch or by contact of the clothes after eating or drinking, eating cabbage, outdoors, bathing or washing, the day after coition; of tomorrow. Better: heat, resting her head high, in dry weather.
6 - () Aversion outdoors. Tendency to take cold.
7 - () Dolores (or other symptoms) that appear and disappear abruptly, with sensation of heaviness in the affected region, and usually caused by atmospheric changes (cold, storm) or after an emotion.
8 - () Cracks or fissures in mucocutaneous orifices. Fistulas (tear, anal, gums). Wounds that are slow to heal, the slightest wound festers.
9 Catalepsy. Epilepsy. Fainting. Great weakness for the least effort, with 9emblores, tinnitus and nausea; of tomorrow in bed by movement of a vehicle. Malaise unbearable, with tremors.
10 - () Anemia (chlorosis) in adolescent girls. Thinning in children. In stressful conditions, prolonged, deep. Under conditions of low vitality to sprout disabling rashes, or the effects of eliminating them. In disorders that appear on those involved in the extraction and refining of oil. In Poisoning ( "one of our best antidotes" [Allen]).
Desire and aversion OF PETROLEUM
11 - () I want candy, candy, beer. Aversion to meat, fats, food hot or cooked.
12 - () Vertigo on rising from bed or a chair or bending over, or looking up, like a back and forth, as if intoxicated, traveling in a vehicle, train or boat, better closing their eyes and at rest. Headaches: after a fit of rage, fasting, after walking at dusk or mental strain. Occipital headache with sensation of weight there, as if he had lead, with pressive pains and throbbing, especially sea sickness, which extends forward, with nauuseas constant, sudden vomiting and vertigo, worse lying down, better by a nosebleed; periodically, as if the whole head was asleep or out of wood. Feeling that everything was alive inside the head. Hemicraneas. Heaviness and fullness in the head, and stooping down tomorrow. Scalp painful to touch. Seborrhea, rash, edema and escarnas. Hair loss. Humid eruptions on the head, scabs, but in occiput.
13 - () Itching of eyes and eyelids, forcing him to rub. Blepharitis at the edges. Everted eyelids. Fissure in the angle of the eye, with intense itching.
Pressure on the eyes, worse in evening light. Burning pain in the eyelids. Conjunctivitis. Tearing. Twitching eyes and eyelids. Lacrimal Fistula. Myopia, presbyopia. Diplopia. Go flashes, sparks, floaters, or as a veil. Inflammation of the canal and lacrimal sac. Squamous eruptions.
14 - () auditory meatus swollen and painful. Otalgia. Dry very uncomfortable in the ear. Discharge of blood and pus from the ears. Hearing loss with frequent occipital headache. Unbearable noise in the ears, like running water or like turning a wind, or ringing, roaring, bells, crackles and hum, worse during the conversation. The ear is plugged when burping. Eczema or excoriation with redness and moisture behind the ears, very sensitive to touch and with intense itching. Excessive cerumen. Chronic catarrh of the eustachian tube maddening itching. Chilblains on the ears, as if frozen, with itching.
15 - () coryza with hoarseness. Epistaxis that headache. Pus-filled blisters on the nose. Nostrils ulcerated. Ozena crusty, cracked nostrils and mucopurulent secretion. Nose swollen, purulent discharge and pain at the root of the nose. Obstruction. Sensation of nasal dryness very dolesta. Itching on the tip of the nose.
16 - () Heat in the face, with thirst. Dryness and constriction in the skin of the face and eyelids, as if covered with a thin layer of egg white, the cheeks look lacquered. Face pale or yellowish. Facial paralysis. Granites; scales around the mouth. Boils on the lower lip. Submaxillary glands swollen. Easy dislocation of the joint of the jaw, with sharp pains in morning in bed. Acne. Crusty eruptions; excoriating; wet.
17 Toothache by contact with air, worse at night, with the swollen cheek. Teeth asleep, squeezing pain. Tartar covered teeth.
Gums swollen, and painful when touched. Fistulous vesicles on the gums, recurrent, with adenopatia gland.
18 Breath Fedde, sometimes garlic. Painful sores inside the cheeks. Abundant mucus in mouth and throat. Tongue white with yellow spots and small thrush. Very dry mouth with violent thirst. Taste bitter, sour or putrid.
19 Sore throat, worse on swallowing, extending to the ear. Swelling with dryness and burning in the throat. When you swallow, food is going to the nose. Hawks in the morning, and pulls mucus.
20 - () Excessive thirst. Bulimia, with early satiety. Ravenous hunger immediately after defecation. Hunger at night, get up to eat. Noisy belching, acid or sour; regurgitation. Heartburn at night. Nausea all day, especially morning, with accumulation of water in the mouth, occipital headache and vertigo. Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
Nausea traveling in a vehicle, train or boat. Sudden and violent vomiting, green and bitter. Distension, fullness and stomach, which is relieved by eating. Cold feeling in stomach and abdomen pressure and fullness. Gastralgias or pressive pain or cramps, or drawing. Swelling epigastric pain when playing. Sensation of emptiness and languor in the stomach, better eating constantly. Can not bear tight clothing in the epigastrium.
21 - () cutting pains in the stomach, eating right away. Colic, bending double, with diarrhea in the morning. Rumbling in the belly, with feeling of great emptiness, worse after stool. Inflation and tension in the stomach, with cramps. Herna groin. Fetid flatus. Sensation of cold in the abdomen.
22 - () Diarrhea only in the daytime, never at night, after eating cabbage or sauerkraut, for travel in a vehicle, for a suppressed eruption, preceded by cutting colic; in pregnancy, in stormy weather, the feces are yellowish, aqueous mucosanguinolentas, and jet out, sometimes involuntary, and are followed by soreness and burning of the rectum and profound exhaustion. Constipation with hard, knotty stools, insufficient and difficult. Year with burning and itching, itchy rashes in the perineum, herpetic, worse warmth of bed. Itching in the perineum and around the anus. Anal fissure with raw feeling. Piles with great itching, night ae worse by the heat of the bed or by rubbing or scratching.
23 - () Burning, itching, redness, fissures, excoriation and humidity, or itchy bumps on the scrotum or between the scrotum and thighs. Sweats fetid genitals. Herpes and eczema in the scrotum, extending to the perineum and thighs, with itching and secretion. Decreased sexual desire. Frequent pollutions. Discharge of prostatic fluid. Red rash on the glans, with itching. Weakness and irritability after intercourse.
24 - () itching, excoriation and moisture in the skin of the vulva herpes and eczema.
Aversion to coition. Menses early and short, the menstrual blood causes itching. Heavy flow, albumin, itching, with erotic dreams. Itching and scaling in the breast, nipple biting, with a mealy covering or crust.
25 - () constant dribbling after urination. Discharge of mucus in the urine.
Urinary frequency with urination little red or brown urine and fetida. Bloody urine, cloudy, with red sandy sediment and very adherent to albumin, granular and hyaline cylinders, with a brilliant film.
Involuntary urination. Bedwetting. Burning in urethra stricture.
Chronic urethritis. Itching in the rear half of the urethra, with, chronic gonorrhea.
Hoarseness worse after 26 noon. Croup; laryngeal diphtheria. Dry cough at night, stifling, that comes from deep within or caused by itching in the throat (it feels dry), worse after sleep; his breath. Hollow cough, laugh worse, worse in winter and cold air (dyspnea). Snoring or illness in the trachea. Heaviness, anxiety and discomfort in the chest oppression at night. Herpes.
Palpitations 27. Sensation of cold around the heart, or as if a stone cold in the heart, with precordial anxiety. Pulse weak and slow, too fast for the shortest period.
28 Herpes or rash on the neck: lymphadenopathy. Heaviness and pain in the neck.
Sacral pain that prevents him from standing upright. Tailbone hurts to sit; stiffness. Weakness and stiffness in the back. Suppuration of lymph nodes.
29 - () Rheumatic pains in limbs with sensation of stiffness beaten and worse by the changes of time and before the storms.
Tendency to sprains, chronic sprains. Cracking joints. The joints are flexed with limitations. The skin of the hands are rough and cracked, with deep cracks and bleeding, in winter, the tips of the fingers get rough, cracked and crack every winter, and painful.
Sensitive feet, with fetid sweat. Heat and burning in the palms and soles of the feet uncovered at night in the bed. Chilblains (one of the principal remedies) with pain and itching, especially on the hands, fingers, feet (with large cracks and inflammation, swollen and red heel) and toe; local heat better, worse in cold weather. Chapped hands in winter. Bleeding fissures on the hands and fingers, especially in winter. Pains in the upper limbs, weakness, stiffness. Erysipelas. Yellow or brown spots. Boil. Ras sweats hands. Pain in the wrist, and dislocated. Warts on the fingers. The one hurt when touched. Cramps in the lower limbs (by day) and soles (night). Weakness in the knees. Cold feet and swollen. Swollen, painful heels, worse walking; or blistered, with sensation of a splinter or thorn. Ulcers on toes, raised rims, red bases and secretion. Eruption between the toes. Corns burning and stabbing.
30 Drowsy, sleep sitting. Restless or interrupted sleep at night.
Feeling of having slept little, in the morning upon awakening.
31 Chills with tremors throughout the body, face and hands cold and cyanosis in some, worse in open air and in the evening, to warm up, excessive itching of the skin. Sweating the chills right away.
Intermittent fever with violent chills at 10 or 19 hours.
Fever in evening, after the chills, with hot face and cold feet, with full pulse and burning skin. Frequent heat waves.
32 - () on the skin are the most characteristic symptom of Petroleum.
Cracks or fissures in the skin (dry, thick, rough, dirty-looking), deep and bleeding, that occur or become worse in winter or cold weather, and located mainly in the hands and fingers, holes mucocutaneous and articular folds. Eruptions tend to recur or worsen each winter or cold weather, and relieved by heat or summer; crusty, pus-filled pimples; dry or wet, bleeding after scratching, eczema, abrasions, herpes, with suppuration; herpes zoster, itching, papular, phagadenic, psoriasis, pustules, suppurative, urticaria, vesicular, with small blisters, itching, burning and always wet, always worse from cold and winter. Suppression of eruptions, followed by a download (diarrhea, discharge, coryza). Brown or yellow spots. Itching in the elderly.
Unhealthy skin; slow to heal wounds or ulcerated. Boil. Painful ulcers, deep and raised edges. Bedsores. Warts.
Chilblains (see 29). Itching without eruption; scratches to be in meat tive, with local cold after scratching, or burning.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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