Pharyngitis. Symptoms

Definition of Pharyngitis
Pharyngitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the walls of the pharynx. Acute pharyngitis is often accompanied by rhinitis (inflammation of the lining of the nostrils)

Symptoms of strep
Symptoms of acute pharyngitis
The symptoms are:
* Swallowing disorders
* Burning sensation in the throat
* Itching and tingling
* Sore throat
* Swelling and redness of the pharyngeal mucosa
* In some cases slight fever

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis
* Chronic pharyngitis is the result of repeated acute pharyngitis due to the action of irritating stimuli such as snuff, alcohol, continued exposure to cold, overuse of voice, continuously breathing through the mouth, etc.. Have classified three types of chronic pharyngitis: the simplest, hypertrophic and atrophic.

Symptoms of simple chronic pharyngitis
This type of pharyngitis whose cause is inflammation of the mucosa is characterized by:
* Burning sensation
* Tingling sensation
* Foreign body sensation in the throat
* I want to scratch the throat and coughing (dry cough with little mucus)

Symptoms of chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis
* It is characterized by hypertrophy of chronically inflamed mucosa. Its symptoms are similar to the previous one.

Symptoms of chronic atrophic pharyngitis
* It differs from previous high by the thinning and drying of the pharyngeal mucosa. For endoscopic observation shows the pharynx covered with small crusts of very sticky mucus. Symptoms of this type of sore throat include:
* I want to scratch the throat
* I want to cough to try to shed the layers of mucus that cause foreign body sensation
* On some occasions because of this cough just to vomit repeatedly

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