Phaseolus. Homeopathy

(Nanus and Ph. Ph. Poroto. Vulgaris)
Frightened by their palpitations 1; feels like to die.
2 can only be awakened by talking loudly.
3 - () Edema of cardiac origin or renal hidrotarax, hydropericardium and ascites.
4 - () Diabetes. Drop. Premature aging.
5 - () painful when touched; worse by pressure.
6 - () ?????.. worse by movement, with fullness, better lying down. Headache in the forehead right to write. He feels as though he strongly pressed against each other temples. He grabs his head.
7 Ojos, but the right, painful to touch, like a blow. Burning pain in the right orbit or on it any worse by mental exertion or wrinkle the forehead. Itching in the inner corners of eyes. Great mydriasis and pupillary areflexia.
8 Cara sufferers with features.
9 intense epigastric pain when touched, especially in the pyloric region.
10 - () Abdominal pain by pressure, with flexion of the legs. Pain as if he had a right inguinal hernia. Ascites. Flatulence with palpitations.
11 - () Bloody urine, uric acid crystals. Diabetes.
Full Impotence 12. Enlarged prostate. Bleeding prostate.
13 - () Slowed breathing and sighing. Soreness in the cartilage of the last right rib. Tumor hard, round, mobile, painful to touch, that appears suddenly under the right nipple. Hidiotorax.
14 - () The heart is the site of action of Phaseolus maxima. Intense throbbing with fear of death. Brusca and uncomfortable chest sensation that scares you, with irregular pulse and very weak, almost imperceptible. Often, strong beat followed by the omission of another. Chest discomfort with pulse very fent. Hydropericardium.
15 is painful to touch in the upper epiphysis of right humerus.
16 Drenched in cold sweat.
Generally low powers specified in (4a to 15aX).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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