Phases and Symptoms of Cancer

Stages and symptoms of cancer
From the standpoint of official or allopathic medicine is interesting to know the phases or stages through which malignancy progresses. One can say that there are three main stages of this journey.

1 .- Local Phase

In this case the cancer or tumor is implanted and develops by the multiplication of their cells only locally and without spreading distance. At this stage the tumor is much easier to be cured without fear of recurrence by surgical intervention.

2 .- Regional Phase

The cancer is spreading into surrounding tissues covered their development. It reaches the lymph nodes for the organ on which the tumor has been implanted. His cure is possible then where surgical resection is large enough to remove the regional nodes involved.

3.-Phase Generalized

During this time the cancer is not a local or regional disease, as has been widespread calls through metastasis. During this period, virtually no cancer is curable and can not even stop its evolution. Death may be a matter of months or some years.

Although this is the viewpoint of official clinical medicine, natural medicine or alternative medicine has had the opportunity to see over the years the possibility of a cure even in this last phase through the effectiveness of alternative treatments noninvasive biological.

Cancer Symptoms

It would be impossible to enumerate the different symptoms that can occur with this disease. Recall that each patient is unique and develops their disease and feel differently. However we state some of the more general symptoms that can occur in certain types of cancer.

Breast Cancer

Perception of a hard nodule, painful or not, deep, attached to the skin (skin of orange peel, etc.).

Cancer of the throat (larynx)

Hoarseness, pain and difficulty in speaking, and so on.

Cancer or brain tumor

Mental disorders, dizziness, impaired vision, vomiting, fasting, increased pressure inside the brain, hallucinations, etc..

Lung cancer

Chest pains, dry cough and continuous, sputum streaked with blood, and so on.

Stomach Cancer

Vomiting blood thinning fast, decreased appetite, and so on.

Uterine Cancer
Local pain, irregular and scarce lost blood between periods or when it has permanently ceased (menopause: 45-50 years), and so on.

Lip Cancer
Small hard nodule covered by a crust or an ulcer that does not tend to heal by scarring.

For any suspicious symptoms see a physician for appropriate testing and find information about different treatments available to make the best decision possible.

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