Phellandrium. Homeopathy

(Ph. Aquaticum. Fennel Aquatic)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Phellandrium
1 sad, anxious, very thoughtful, sometimes given to an extravagant joy.
2 cavalier arrogance.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Phellandrium
3 - () Worse in cold weather, before menstruation or to appear, standing, sitting or lying down, when this quiet, while eating and afterwards, for drinking water, to swallow, for alcoholic beverages. Better: open air, heat, motion; lying left side, by scratching or rubbing.
4 Sensation of trembling in all the vessels of the body. Sensations of cold: in the head, belly, etc.. Undernourished and weak, chilly.
Desire and aversion: DE Phellandrium
5 Desire for acids and acid drinks, milk and beer. Aversion to water (Hydrophobia).
SPECIFIC Phellandrium
6 - () Heaviness in the head, as if it were too big and full, or as if he would fall backwards by heaviness in the neck. Vertigo sometimes fall backward, forward or sides, especially next to the spinning, better lying down. Hears in his head hit a sound like a metal, that wakes. Crushing sensation in the crown, like something heavy and hard. Headache with sweat in the crown, followed by cold, cold air and better eating. Irradiated eyes Headache, worse visual efforts, with crushing sensation in the crown, burning in the temples, with lacrimation, photophobia, and burning eyes, better outdoors. Rush of blood to the head, with heat and keystrokes. Itching of the scalp, like flea bites.
7 - () Itching and burning eyes. Twitching in the eyelids, which close easily, with heaviness. Dry eyes, with burning pains. Tearing common in the upper edge of the right orbit. Neuralgia Dili, worse while attempting to read or sew with intense photophobia, swollen eyelids half closed. Tearing worse outdoors. Cloudy or foggy vision, worse on looking fixedly at an object.
Earache terebrantes tearing or 8. Chants and noises in right ear.
9 Narinas red, hot and swollen (and upper lip). Confluent vesicles and itching in nostrils. Anosmia. Stuffed coryza.
10 Heat in the face. Livid redness of the face, staring, and dyspnea after taking a long coffee, worse from 19 to 20 hours. Tension on the skin
face. Severe pain in the cheek.
11 - () Toothache tearing. Gums are red, swollen and painful. Mouth and throat dry at night. Drooling foamy. Vesicles with burning pains in the tongue. Everything tastes sweet. Taste of cheese.
12 Sore throat when not swallowing or down in a vacuum, but it hurts to swallow food.
13 Nausea and vomiting. Belching bugs fetid odor or taste to food.
Pain in the stomach, as if it were hollow. Feeling of having your stomach filled with water, followed by the sensation of a body rolling round and big, then falls, with rumbling. Heartburn.
14 Sense of ice cold in the stomach, worse after stool or alcoholic beverages. Cutting and stabbing pains in the stomach, as if to have diarrhea. Stitches in the right flank. Incarcerated flatus in hypochondria.
Hard stool 15, with pressure in the anus. Loose stools and diarrhea with tenesmus, followed by excoriating pain in the anus. Flatus abundant while and after bowel movements. Anal itching and burning after rubbing.
16 Urine pale, weak, greenish. Desire to urinate, but little urine comes out, with violent burning in the evening.
17 Itching in the foreskin the better by scratching.
18 - () The breasts are one of the sites of action of Phellandrium maxima. Pinching, sharp, through the sinuses, but the right, near the sternum, radiating to the back between the shoulders, worse on breathing and during menstruation. Intolerable pain in the milk ducts between two feedings, but that increase in intensity, including the nipples, every time the baby sucks, worse on the right. Menses early, leaving only morning and evening, sometimes lasting one to two days, or stop just began, with fatigue, yawning, and pain in the thighs at the start of menstruation.
19 - () suffocating cough, dry, worse at night, between 1 and 3 am, with dyspnea, forcing him to sit, followed by a very abundant expectoration fetida (mucosa, colorless, greenish or nummular), and purulent; with sharp chest pain, transfixing, ranging from the middle of the right lung on his back. This table shows in bronchitis, emphysema, and especially in tuberculosis, which is accompanied by diarrhea, profuse sweating, fever (worse at 16), weight loss, fatigue and even hemoptysis.
Tightness in the chest while standing, walking or breathing deeply.
Pressure on one side of the chest in the morning in bed, lying on that side.
20 Tearing in the left side of the neck to the jaw.
Stitches on the tip of left scapula, the sacrum and between the shoulders.
Low back pain while sitting.
Tearing in 21 upper limbs and anterior right thigh. Vibrations in the calves. Congestion in the knees.
22 Daytime sleepiness with frequent yawning and you can sleep while standing. He wakes up early, or have a prolonged dream to maiiana. Soon asleep. Rings with lightning to scare, or a theft received several blows.
23 Prevalence of chills with shivering, but at dusk, as if cold water splashes on the body. Tachycardia.
24 Itching or burning skin, which disappears on scratching. Blue spots, such as petechiae.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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