Phenobarbitalum. Homeopathy

(Nembutal or Luminal)
1 - () psychic depression, or indifference, alternating with excitability, then fatigue. The patient, especially the child, this mahumorado and is isolated, especially before the rash appears, wants to be alone.
2 Decrease of memory. Nervous system hypersensitivity.
3 - () physical depression, fatigue or easy fatigue, daytime sleepiness, often preceding skin symptoms.
4 - () Especially useful in allergies, liver failure, often in alternation is equivalent to allergic phenomena.
5 - () Aggravation: heat, after eating, for crustaceans, for sausage, for the cream, for setbacks, and at night, warmth of bed, sometimes by the contact of cold water or cold air. Better: through diet, for calm and rest, during menstruation).
6 - () Usage of ketosis. Peripheral congestion of face and hands.

7 headaches with heaviness in head, at any time.
8 - () eyestrain from reading too long. Eyelids heavy, swollen, itching. Tearing.
9 - () Edema of the face.
10 - () Itching rinofaringeo, better swallowing, associated or not, or alternating with spasmodic rhinitis or spasmodic tracheobronchitis.
11 Bitter taste. Nausea in morning. Epigastric discomfort. Abdominal bloating.
Intestinal laziness.
12 - () is in the skin where it develops an ultimate act of this inedicamento. Pruritic edema. Pruritic erythema and often vesicular.
Heat thin skin. Itching with burning and stinging, scratching excessively attenuated until it raw. Edema and infiltration cutaneous, hard, white, sometimes pink, especially in the face; erratic or fleeting.
Erythema multiforme intensity and location variables, scarlet rash. Urticaria plaque isolated or confluent, or isolated elements. Veviculas from the deshidrosis to those of prurigo, more or less opalescent, which dry or syrupy liquid oozing from scratching. Eczema ictilosa see little liquid oozing syrupy or oily. All these eruptions can appear or are exacerbated by the application of cold water or in contact with cold air. Giant urticaria. Quincke's edema. In the child with such problems and rebels, is where the best results are achieved, the prurigo in the child alternates or coexists with acute ketosis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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