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Phosphoric acid (phosphoric acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Phosphoric acid

1 - () is one of the most important medicines in the consequences, mental and physical, emotional insults, especially those caused by disappointment or frustration, fright, by anticipation of events, concerns, anger (sadly silent), for penalties, an unrequited love or loss of a loved one, for nostalgia, for mortification, for long-term studies and sexual excesses or onanism.

2 - () In the mental sphere, the effects of these insults are manifested by a profound general weakness or nervous exhaustion followed, in the physical plane, the one great weakness which extends to sexual function. The mental weakness is expressed, initially, through indifference or apathy or disinterest of everything going on around them, by the usual things of life, their occupations, especially in morning on waking, increased considerably in fever cases during the chills and fever. The patient does not want anything, not talking, is quiet, and everything is indifferent because he can think. At a higher level, there is a stuporous state or even inconsnciencia and prostration (over tomorrow when alone), sputtering continuously, returning consciousness, if it shakes a lot, answered correctly and slowly but quickly relapsing into stupor.

3 - () usually associated with indifference, there is a strong intellectual slowness and clumsiness. There is a state of confusion and bewilderment, unable to think, especially on waking, when read, after intercourse or to eat or mental strain, as if intoxicated. It costs a lot of focus. He is unable to fulfill two ideas together, not thinking of anything, his thoughts will fade away over tomorrow or reading. Your senses are dulled, this lying down "like a log". Answers questions slowly or as monosyllabic, and think long before answering, or irritated if he is forced to answer. There is a poverty of ideas and an inability to intellectual work, there is an aversion to thinking and mental work. His memory is limited to the facts of the day, for what you have read, for words, forget the words when speaking, or after sexual excesses or elderly; family by not remember names. He speaks slowly in a garbled, incoherent or monosyllabic. Imbecility.

4 - () Nostalgia: with Capsicum, are the two main drugs, and for the feeling of nostalgia and for the consequences, sometimes accompanied by a sullen silence.

5 - () Sadness: worse on waking, for masturbation, when walking outdoors, and the more walking, more depressing it gets. Silent, worst in the evening.
lendencia to mourn. Refuse to eat. Duda cured. This dissatisfaction with himself, and discouraged (over the air). Aversion to talking.

6 - () Fear of death, disease, that something will happen. Anxiety about the future, their health, with feelings of guilt, especially for masturbating. Restlessness before urinating.

7 - () Delirium in amazement, especially in processes or prolonged febrile tifies form, is a quiet delirium, muttering or whispering, with Carphology, pinch bedding. Hallucinations: see single figures, you see dead people, hearing bells.

8 Provisions soft, complacent, condescending.

9 Other mental symptoms: sluggish, prone to sitting irritable on waking jealous muses distracted stubborn fighter answers curtly or abruptly in mental clarity with persistent fever persistent thoughts hurry, hurry and talk music gay hysteria hypersensitive to sexual excesses. At the mental level is between Ignatia and Natrum Muriaticum.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Phosphoric acid
10 - () originally strong in people who have weakened physically (and encourage [see 1]), by a long succession of emotional problems (see l), by loss of vital fluids, sexual excesses or violent acute diseases. In children and young people who grow too fast, skinny, tall, with growing pains in the legs. Weakness worst (or is) tomorrow,
lifting, or after, after breakfast, after intercourse, then, to eat, wet dreams, for less effort, by penalties, by unrequited love during the fever, mental effort (even weakened by the study school ) in women who breastfeed, when you sweat, talking, walking, improves rapidly for a short sleep. Paralytic weakness, sinking or sliding toward the foot of the bed. Interestingly, the diarrhea does not weaken it. Thinning.

11 - () Worse, sexual excesses (see 1 and 10); by masturbation (see 1 and 10) from emotion (see 1 and 10) strain, for loss of vital fluids (see 10), by the noise for music, by touch, in the evening and night, sitting, standing, lying on the left side to speak, for eruptions, in a warm room; by air currents or wind. Better: heat, after a short sleep.

12 - () Osteitis with peritostitis in the long bones, with burning pain, tearing, as if scraping the periosteum with a knife, worse at night and from cold, better by motion. Bony cavities. Rickets.
Bone pains of growth. Syphilitic or tuberculous osteitis. Hair loss on the head, sideburns, chin, eyelids, pubis, etc.., Emotional problems or sorrows turns gray.

13 - () The pains are worse at rest and better from motion and pressure. Catalepsy by penalties or unrequited love.

14 sensations of pressure, tingling.

15 Passive haemorrhages, dark and profuse.

Desire and aversion of Phosphoric acid
16 - () Desire for cold milk, beer, hot food, juicy and refreshing things. Aversion to bread and coffee.

Phosphoric acid SPECIAL
17 - () Vertigo while standing or walking, especially at dusk, when you close your eyes, or at menopause (with heat and sweating) or during menstruation, in typhus, lying, as if the feet were on top and was standing on his head on the bed to think. Pressure in the head,
hard, severe headache, with sensation of crushing, but in the vertex,
worse by pressure, turning the head, thinking, by forcing the vision, to climb stairs, motion, music, and especially after midnight at the party relies on the pillow. Violent pressure front of morning awakening. As if temples and parietal were pinched by a forceps. Morning headache, back & forth; constant, which compels him to coast, and it becomes unbearable for the slightest commotion or noise or music, each note each bump or provokes a violent pain, better for the
complete rest or lying down. Headache of school children and students grow very fast, with intellectual fatigue and overwork eye. Stitches on the eye.
Pounding in the head. Drawing pain in the occipital bone or the whole skull, as if someone scraped the painful periosteum with a knife,
worse at rest, better by motion, decay of the bones of the skull with burning pains. Cerebral hemorrhage. The prematurely graying hair, gets greasy, or thin, straight or tow, or fall, especially after punishment or moral shocks. Itching of the scalp.

18 - () feeling of having eyes widened as if they were pressed against each other and within the head. Hot on the inside of the eyelids.
Dazzled eyes looking bright objects. Burning pain in the eyelids and angles by artificial light. Eyes inflamed, and congested in the internal angles. Eyelids glued morning. Yellow spot on the sclera. Tearing. Mydriasis, or very dilated right and left normal. Dark circles. Styes on the upper eyelid. Myopia. Black band before the eyes. You see spots of fire.

19 - () Earache or stitches in the ears to hear musical notes, ringing bells or her own song, other non-musical sounds have no effect. Each makes a loud sound echoing in his ears. It tolerates neither the music, any noises or conversations. Roaring in the ears with hearing loss. Nerve deafness;
for the distant sounds. Squeaks in the ears when blowing. Hearing loss on the right and worse at night, better in bed.

20 Points of red nose, itchy. He puts his fingers in the nose. Fetid odor.
Bloody, purulent nasal discharge, scabs. Epistaxis of dark blood. Violent coryza, fluent, with red nostrils.

21 pale face. Drawing pains or burning in the cheeks. Heat in the side of the face on that is not supported; cold on one side of the face.
Tension in the face, as if he had dried egg white or have a web. Wet or scaly eruptions, or brown with yellow pus scabs on his lower lip. Lips dry, cracked and oozing. Granites in eenton, swelling of submaxillary glands. Pain in the jaw, as if dislocated.

22 - () Toothache worse from warmth of bed or anything hot or cold.
Yellow teeth. Gums swollen, retracted and bleed easily, painful nodules.

23 - () Dry mouth without thirst. Adherent mucus. His tongue is burning, becomes swollen, painful to talk, it inadvertently biting night. Red stripe in the middle of the tongue. Burning in the mouth when chewing solid.
Excoriation and ulceration in the soft palate, with burning pain. Putrid taste acid.

24 excoriating, burning pain in throat when swallowing. Hawks up thick phlegm.

Anorexia 25. Unquenchable thirst. Bitter or sour belching by acids. Pressure and undulating sensation in the stomach. Persistent nausea, worst in the sight of food. Gastralgia as a weight, fasting or after eating or touching it.
Sensation of cold or burning in the stomach.

26 - () Pain in the hypochondria, heaviness in the liver. Pain in liver and spleen, enlarged spleen. Distension of the stomach with bloating and rumbling, feeling as if I had water, worse when touched and when the body leans forward or backward, with plenty of flatulence, especially by eating sour things. Dolores umbilical and the cecal region. Noise of water in the womb.

27 - () acute or chronic diarrhea, profuse, watery, whitish, painless, odorless and without subsequent exhaustion or weakness, even copious worse morning and evening, after food acids, changes of time, for drinks or cold food, by taking cold in summer, during dentition,
after dinner, by excitement, from fright or punishment; in typhoid, for the fruit (especially acidic) for bananas, in hot weather, for oranges, for pastry, in girls schools. The stools are unwittingly passing flatus or sleeping or moving; fecal and urine incontinence simultaneously, as if the anus is opened, the feces go out alone when he turns or moves the child. Feces, besides white can be white or grayish white or greenish white yellowish bright yellow, green, clear, watery yellowish gushing, as if to empty. Constipation with hard stools and difficult. Abundant flatus odor of garlic. Hemorrhoids during stool, with intense pain when sitting. Tenesmus after stool. Tearing, burning and itching in the rectum. Pricking perianal itching. As with diarrhea, worse if it is deleted.

28 - () Irresistible urge to urinate, with oliguria. Frequent and copious urination that immediately deposits a thick white cloud. Urine milky, as if someone had mixed or dissolved chalk, white cheese or flour, or milk and sometimes clotted blood, or appears worse after every emotion, standing or before menstruation. Phosphaturia. Diabetes with urine copious and very clear, like water, is one of the most important drugs of this affection, especially when you can set the emotional factors mxistencia coinciding with the beginning. Nocturnal enuresis in children, in the first dream. Nocturnal urinary frequency in adults.
Burning pain and incisors in the urethra during urination and then, cutting before. Urethral tingling when not urinating. Spasmodic constriction of the bladder.

29 - () Cutting and burning in glans. Heaviness in the glans when urinating. Secreting Vesicles on the frenum. Cankers. Condylomata hot or warm in the penis glans and foreskin. Rash on penis and scrotum. Pain in the testicles to the touch. Testicles swollen, but the left, while the spermatic cords are hypertrophied and hard. Sexual desire after an ejaculation, or diminished or absent. Morning erections upon awakening or standing; excessive, incomplete during the
intercourse short, no sexual desires. Impotence, especially emotional, sexual excesses prolonged by highly repeated pollutions, onanism or diabetes. Premature ejaculation, the erection immediately; missing intercourse in copious. Frecuenes wet dreams every night, without erections; after intercourse, then of onanism, by straining at stool; weaken it a lot. Masturbation inveterate than His will, especially when the patient feels very guilty, the depressed, sad and desperate to be cured.

30 - () Ovaritis, metritis or prolapse by emotional factors or debilitating amenorrhea. Menses too early and prolonged, heavy, late; with dark clots; preceded flow. Copious flow, putrid, bloody (in ulcers neck), itching, yellowish, corrosive after menstruation. Flatus from the vagina. Itching between the breasts, such as flea bites, which require it to get up at night. In pregnancy: dysuria, vomiting at the sight of food. Puerperal convulsions; with albuminuria. Hypogalactia with weakness and apathy. Deterioration of health, during nursing, especially if prolonged. Constant vomiting milk in a baby who does not cry. Pressing pain in the left breast and nipple.

31 - () nasal voice. Hoarseness. Dry cough caused by a laryngeal tingling in the chest above the pit; worse morning and evening, resting undisturbed for long if in the same position, after sleep, cold air, for loss of fluids, eat with nausea and vomiting and incontinence of urine, with morning expectoration of yellowish white or dark blood or thick white mucus with sour taste, smell or taste and herbaceous or salty, or purulent and offensive. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Sensation of weakness in the chest when talking or coughing or by being much sitting. Dyspnea.
Tightness in the chest as tight. Pressing pains in the chest, worse from the pressure of the hand, bending, coughing, exhaling, feeling as if the sternum were pressed from the inside out. Retrosternal pressure with dyspnea.
Lancinating pains in the sides of the thorax. Capillary bronchitis.

32 points in the heart. Palpitations in young grow very fast or after masturbation or by sexual excitement or after intercourse. Irregular or intermittent pulse. Swollen veins.

33 Twitching Cramping in the muscles of the neck, worse when moving head. Abscesses in the armpits and buttocks in the psoas. Terebrante pain between the shoulder blades. Spondylitis in the cervical vertebrae. Deviations from the column. Eruption painful to touch, on the back. Itching stitch in the coccyx. Tingling in the back. Lumbar plate burning pain. Weakness in the lumbar region and back for sexual excess.

34 - () terebrantes pains, twitching of the nerves in the extremities.
Neuralgia or necrosis in the stumps of amputees. Pains as if he had been beaten, simultaneously tearing stitches in the States, especially in the joints (most of tomorrow) and bones, worse start walking and stair climbing. Limb weakness for loss of body fluids. Pains in the left shoulder, worse lying on left side, moving his arms better. Numbness in the course of the right radial nerve. Weakness and trembling of the hands, worse in writing or by the least effort. Nodes in the back of the hand. Skin of hands and fingers dry, wrinkled, leathery. Dead fingers. Itching between fingers and backs of hands. Pain in hips and thighs, worse on walking or rising from a chair. Left sciatic pain until the ankle, better walking. Tearing in the hip joint, worse sitting and resting.
Weakness in the legs, one false step can bring down. Burning tearing in the warm night. Leg ulcers, which bleed and itch. Burning in feet and soles, with rawness between the toes. Feet swollen and painful corns, chilblains on the fingers, blisters on the pads. Spasmodic twitching of the feet at night, worse on the right sole and toe. Sweating in the feet. Swelling in the joint of the big toe, with pain when touched.

Drowsiness by day 35. Difficulty awakening in the morning. Insomnia by agitation or fever. Go figure when he goes to sleep. Deep sleep. During sleep, there are hand movements, shaking, moaning, talks, sings, laughs, cries, with half open eyes and convulsed. Sounds to death, afraid to wake up. Erotic dreams pollutions. He wakes with ravenous hunger or sensation of falling or with sad thoughts.

36 Shivering with cold hands, without thirst, followed by fever without thirst. Internal heat without being hot to the touch. Heat in the head with cold feet. Evening fever. Chills alternating with fever. Malignant typhoid fever with great weakness, delirium still, apathy and stupor, diarrhea, etc.. Tertian malaria form, with copious sweating. Copious sweating, night and morning, sticky, but in neck and neck.

37 - () Tingling in the whole body, worse from sexual excesses. Insensitive skin. Red spots and burning. Scarlet eruption. Erysipelas.
Granites with burning or scalding pain. Sarna. Smallpox. Wens. Warts large, jagged, often stalked, with exudates, which bleed easily. Condylomata. Boil. Flat ulcers, indolent, pruritic, jagged edge, with pus secretion of a dirty, stinking, and irregular bottom.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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