Phosphorus. Homeopathy (Abridged)

Phosphorus (white phosphorus)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Phosphorus
1 .- hemorrhagic states.

2 .- state of degeneration Hepatica.
- Viral hepatitis.
- Cirrhosis.
- Pancreatitis.
- Polyneuropathy alcohol consumption.

3 .- Lung Syndromes Congestive not from TB.

4 .- Conditions on kidneys.

5 .- heart disease.

6 .- Conditions neuropsychic, anxiety, hypersensitivity.

7 .- osteoarticular, demineralization.

General symptoms of Phosphorus: Great ease of cold outdoor air, especially when that becomes unbearable. Pain that accompanies any atmospheric variations, almost all diseases occur at night or early morning in bed, and after eating. Animo fearful and scary, especially when it is alone, during a storm and in the evenings.

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