Phosphorus triiodatus. Homeopathy

(Tri Phosphorus Iodide)
This medicine has been introduced and used by Paul Chavannon, only the power 30a, usually a single dose, and practically only in acute cases. The clinical indications given by this author are: abscess in nostrils, tracheitis and laryngitis, alveolitis, periostitis dentoalveolar, bronchitis, bronconcumonias, pneumonia, pulmonary congestion, problems with eruption of wisdom teeth, severe epistaxis, labyrinthitis, posthemorrhagic amaurosis , before surgery of amputations, hemoglobinuria, yellow fever, severe jaundice, purple.
Also under some chronic problems: nasal polyps, atrophic liver cirrhosis, lupus, chronic nephritis, pancreatic insufficiency and progressive brain softening. Prescribed this homeopaticarnente Phosphorus prepared when it emerged as the "simillimum" but preferred the salt significantly more active.

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Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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