Physalia. Homeopathy

(P. or P. pelagica Physasis warship [Animal Marino])
1 - () Lipotimim with extreme pallor, hypotension, anxiety, agitation and bradycardia.
2 - () Muscle cramps very violent and painful, with anxious agitation followed by laxity sore, especially lower back cramps.
3 - () choleraic profuse diarrhea with anxiety, weakness, painful intestinal cramps, abdominal and rectal burning, tenesmus, abdominal hollow and hard, and nausea.
Vertigo 4. Throbbing headache. Front heaviness over the eyes. Front nodes.
Facial Paralysis 5.
Dry mouth 6. Sore throat.
7 The voice hoarse. Chest tightness that prevents him from sleeping. Cough. Stitches in the chest.
8 - () kidney stones, especially in asthenic women with kidney pains worse from motion, abundant and acidic urine, and urinary frequency. Nocturnal enuresis, worse from cold humid, with abundant urination and acid. Women can not hold their urine.
Stiffness in 9 States; cramps. Paralysis. When walking, each step affects the head.
10 Chilly outside. Feverish evening. Sweating when you move the
belly, with polyuria. Liver pain during fever.
11 excoriation between fingers and toes. Pustules on the thighs.